The Best Chef Knives

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The Best Chef Knives

The Best Chef Knives
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Cooking is an art that has managed to capture
many hearts today. If you're one of these
individuals, then you should first know about the
most important weapon that chefs use in the
kitchen - thus this article about the best knives.
First and foremost there's the cook's knife or
otherwise known as the chef knife. It is one of the
most versatile knives that can be used to perform many kitchen tasks such as mincing, slicing,
chopping and many others.
Second is type of knife is named the utility knife which is also a kitchen knife. It is medium in
size that can either have a plain edge blade or a serrated one which can both be used to perform
so many cutting duties.
Thirdly, there's the paring knife which is actually a small knife that is usually used for peeling
because of its plain edge. Aside from peeling, this could also be utilized for doing intricate work
such as de-veining a shrimp or turning garnishes into very small pieces.
Now, here's one of the most popular knives - the bread knife. It is obviously a serrated knife
that's long enough to cut through various bread sizes.
Then, we move on to another knife that's quite similar to a bread knife due to its serration - the
offset serrated knife. The offset handle is designed in such a way that the cook's knuckles will
not touch the cutting surface when the blade is made to cut through the food.After that is the
carving knife which, by its name, already shouts of being a large knife that's used to slice thin
cuts of meat.
The slicing knife is another kind of knife that works the same way as the
carving knife only it is longer and narrower.
Also a knife that is used by many chefs is the boning knife. It is
The Best Chef Knives
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characterized as a knife with a sharp point and narrow blade and which, as its name suggests
works to remove the bones of poultry, meat and fish.
One more knife whose name already suggests its use is the peeling knife. This is used to peel
thus its pointed tip that curves downward to the blade.
Additionally, there's the cheese knife that is specifically created to cut through cheeses of
different varieties.
So those are just some of the best chef knives that are widely used in the kitchen of many the top
chefs of today.

The Best Chef Knives
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