The Best Fat Burning Exercise

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The Best Fat Burning Exercise
The best fat burning exercise is walking. Walking is a low impact
exercise that can be done anywhere, and can be very enjoyable. Grab a
friend and have them go for a brisk walk with you, it is a great way to
build relationships. But, why is walking the best fat burning exercise?
Lets take a look.
Exercise is a great way to work your muscles, and other important parts
of your body to start burning the fat. When you exercise or even use
your brain you burn fuel to do the work. The fuel you burn is measured
in calories, and is supplied by two sources in your body. Your body’s
fuel is from a carbohydrate called glycogen, which is stored in your
muscles and liver. The glycogen is made from many sugars called
Fuel is also from stored body fat found in fat cells, and in small droplets
in the muscle. The amount of fuel you use depends on the intensity of
your workout, and your fitness level.
During most physical activities, both carbohydrates and fat are used as
calorie sources; the confusion arises when one is talking about light or
low-effort exercise such as walking.
While walking fat is the primary source of fuel, or about 60 to 70
percent of the fat burned. Glucose and carbohydrates make up the rest
of the equation.
In order to maximize your fat burning exercise you should rate or
measure your cardiovascular activity. The fat burning rate is really
dependent upon on your age. You can use a specific formula to
determine your fat burning heart rate.
Subtract your age from 220. Take this number and multiply it by .6 and
you have your lower exercise range. Multiply it by .8 and there's your
higher exercise range.
Age is a very important factor in finding the right number, regardless of
one's fitness level. For example, a 67-year-old's range is 92 to 122. A 24-
year-old's range is 118-157. Some people naturally have faster or slower

heart rates than others, too. If you find that your range is slightly
abnormal, you will eventually become familiar with a range that is
"normal for you". If you are an older individual I recommend before
starting any diet plan or exercise plan consult your physician.
Generally recommended a beginners should work in the lower heart rate
range, but more fit people can work harder. As you can see in the
numbers above, a fit 67-year-old can work with the same heart rate level
as a 24-year-old who is just beginning to train.
Now you understand why walking is the best fat burning exercise you
can do to burn the fat. I must caution you again, please consult a
physician before starting any diet or exercise plan. Your age, physical
abilities, and life style may limit your exercise ability. Physicians can
instruct you on what is the best diet and exercise to fit your personal
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