The Best Hip Hop Beat Maker

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  1. The Best Hip Hop Beat Maker Looking for a hip hop beat maker? Well, let me share with you some fundamentals that you must know before looking any further. You see, not all beats are created equal and that is very much depending on the 3 things below. Okay, these are basic stuff but they are also the most important components to look into when making your hip hop beats or when you are searching for the right hip hop beat maker. 1) Audio Loops - This made up as one of the major ingredient of great hip hop beats. You should really take some time and attention here when laying down your audio loops as some tweaking will make the beats sound amazing and unique. You must learn how make various editing on the loops by making compression, stretching and adding effects to it with plugins. A good music beat maker will have all these functionalities. 2) Midi Drum - Okay, this is another important ingredient to have in order to produce amazing hip hop beats. You will need a correct mixture of MIDI drum pattern to create the backing track for your hip hop beat. By correct mixture, I mean not just having more than one drum loop playing together but with variety of drum patterns that can complement one another to enhance the beat. Otherwise, you hip hop beat is just another common hip hop. You will need to make tweaking to it by speeding up the tempo etc. This might sound complicated but with a good music beat maker, you will have the MIDI synthesizer and controller included to make this task a breeze. 3) Bassline - Not all hip hop enthusiast tried this but I find it to be a good combination by adding some bassline into the hip hop beats I made. Well, bassline that is also known as bassline house is a sub-genre of UK garage music that mixes elements of 4x4 garage, speed garage and R&B. It also shares characteristics with fellow sub-genres dubstep and grime that emphasize on bass. If you haven't try this, you may want to add this into your hip hop production. And again, a good music beat maker will have this feature built in as well. The one I am using also comes with MP3 export capability that allows me to save my hip hop beats into MP3 format that can be played with various media player. After trying so many beat makers, I must say that This Is The Best Hip Hop Beat Maker that I have ever used. All rights reserved. Copyright © eBooksCatalog