The Best Show on Earth

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Hi, my name is Sylvia, and I live on the eastside of Milwaukee,
Wisconsin. Lake Park in Milwaukee is a very nice, scenic park. A
must see in Milwaukee if you live or vacation there. It is one of
Milwaukee's best parks. And for more than one reason. I want to tell
you about a flasher, maybe this goes back a couple years, but this
guy was so gorgeous. I actually saw him twice, in Lake Park by the
lighthouse on the eastside, which is near Bradford beach on the
lakefront. This guy's dick is so unbelievable. It is really big, thick
and long, but more than that. It is just something about this guy's
dick, maybe the overall look of it, the aesthetic beauty of his
ballsack, the way his massive dick throbbed and was swollen and
wet when he showed it to me as I was walking by. It has a nice
throbbing huge look to it, like the kind you dream about bearing
down on, you know.
I don't know whether to call it a dick or a dong. Maybe a dong is a
better description. A very big dong. Its definitely the kind you want
to fantasize about when you masturbate. When he showed his
massive dong to me it was so incredibly hard, and I mean
BULGING! It seems I just can't help myself, I have had so many
fantasies about him over the years, and I hope that someday I will
see him again. I swear I would marry this guy in a heartbeat, I just
can't help thinking about it, he is so good looking and is also
obviously a very nice guy, always giving me a cute smile and a
wink. He talks very friendly to you if you say hi to him. He is
intelligent and well-spoken. He put me at ease, though I was slightly
embarrased that I was gazing so hard at his unit, he made me feel at
ease yet I was undeniably turned on by it. Who wouldn't be, I mean,
holy shit you would have to be a raving bitch or dyke not to be. You
can just tell, even though he might be different, that he is actually a
very fun person and well-intended. I know this myself, because the
second time I saw him he was in the process of ejaculating, but I

stopped and talked to him anyways. We had a nice conversation and
ended up going out for dinner. I had a fantastic time with him, he
was a perfect gentleman and very, very fun. But he seemed a little bit
embarrassed about what he does ironically. Unfortunately, I didn't
get my wish to have sex with him, not yet anyways. But their is no
doubt, this guy has a dick to be really proud of! In his case, it seems
to me to show it off is actually the only appropriate thing to do! If I
was his girlfriend, damned straight I'd be showing his dick off to all
my girlfriends.
How could any girl resist the seductive power of his gorgeous dick?
I mean, damn! I have had so many squirting orgasms thinking about
him. His body is refined and sexy as hell. Almost all the fantasies I
have when I masturbate, even when I'm with my husband, are about
him. Every time I think about his dick I just feel compelled to
masturbate to a massive squirting orgasm. Girls, hear me now,
believe me later, be on the look-outs for this tall good-looking white
guy in Milwaukee's east side parks, usually Lake Park by the
lighthouse. His dick is totally fucking a-m-a-z-i-n-g !!! Don't be shy,
he is a nice guy and will talk to you, don't be afraid just because he
is different. He is harmless and very nice. And let me tell you, you
can have real fun with him.
And yes, I did see him shoot his load, and it was out-of-this-world,
the sight of it is enough to make you cream your panties right on the
spot !!! I just can't get the thought out of my mind after seeing his
beautiful swollen dick heaving load after load of glistening white
cum from the depths of his cute scrotum all over himself and letting
the flood of cum drip down from his chest to his balls and him
seductively massaging the cum all over his gorgeous erotic sack and
then masturbating some more in front of me, his legs spread so wide,
with the cum all over his dick, him massaging his dick (which

extends beyond his belly button) in a real provocative, sexy way. Oh
god I love the erotic look he has on his face when he does this. His
dick is so perfectly formed I just can't get over it. It was such a
dreamy experience, I loved it. It was just sooooo damn erotic, it
made my pussy pulsate, get stiff and wet, its like my pussy just took
on a
life of its own. It went on autopilot.
I have fantasized so many times how awesome it would feel to have
that world-class dick inside me. Just, for once in my life, to feel what
it would be like to be with a real man instead of some sissy-bitch
guy. I have always wondered what it would be like to be with a guy
that isn't fake. I mean this guy seems so honest in his self-
expression. There is an innocence to him. I do love him in a way.
Just to feel the animalistic natural impulses and massage his
beautiful turgid cock with my wet pussy while I reach back holding
and massaging his balls and scotum, I look deep into his beautiful
blue eyes while I bear down and grind his dong with my sloppy wet
pussy, pleading with and encouraging him to shoot that hot load
d ep inside of me. Oh that would feel so good!
Sometimes I imagine us squirting all of our sexual fluids all over
each other in front of crowds of onlookers who are all saying, "Oh
my god, look at those gorgeous huge wet genitals that they have!
M mmmmm!" as we fuck and grind and cum in front of them.
All the women would be so jealous that I was the one who had the
guts to finally fuck this beautiful man, this gorgeous guy I know so
many women have fantasized about fucking and sucking. I know a
lot of women in the area have heard about him, because I overheard
a group of women talking about him at an eastside bar one night.
They were raving about how nice this guy's dick was and they were
all admitting they had all fantasized about him. One said she can't

even stop thinking about him. She said thinking about giving the
flasher in Lake Park a blowjob gives her the best orgasms, and that
its just about the only thing that will now. She just has to think about
him, and I too. Nobody else quite measures up to this guy. His dick
is about eight inches, and its just the most gorgeous-looking dick I
h ve ever seen. It is a 5-star, super high quality cock.
I will always remember this guys dick. Ladies, some advice. For fun
you should be walking the bike path near the lighthouse in Lake
Park and you might get lucky enough to see him too. This guy has
the best dick in the world I swear. It is better than anything I've seen
on the internet even. Oh my god, this guy's dick is just soooooo
fucking nice. The experience of seeing him has done wonders for me
sexually, I never had squirting orgasms until I saw this awesome
d ck. He is always going to be part of my fantasies.
Good luck ladies, hope you find him soon, summer of 2012 perhaps?