The Best Way To Get High Quality Cheap Printing

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The Best Way To Get High Quality Cheap Printing
For large commercial purposes, Offset printing is the most popular kind of cheap printing used
today. Every industry is using offset printing for their catalogs, brochures, books, magazines,
newspapers, maps, cards, and stationery. It is commonly referred to as offset lithography or simply
offset. Lithography offset printing is based on repulsion of oil and water. It is called offset in the
sense that ink is not directly imposed on paper. An offset printer employs an offset cylinder, plate
cylinder, impression cylinder, water roller and ink roller.
The paper or other material is placed between impression and offset cylinder. First, artwork files
prepared on a computer, are used to produce a printing plate. The plate is fitted to an offset printing
press. Ink is applied to the printed plate and as the cylinder rotates, the ink offsets to a rubber
blanket . The ink is then offset from the blanket to paper or other material.
The most common kind of offset printing is photo offset process, which involves using light-
sensitive chemicals and photographic techniques to transfer images and type from original materials
to printing plates.
Benefits of offset printing over other printing methods :
1. Affordable printing : Offset printing provides a cheap printing for large quantity projects. For
each project, a different design pattern is required and for every design different printing plate is
produced. For low quantity order, producing the required printing plate may appear costly.
However, when large quantities are ordered, the cost per piece becomes much lower for the client.
2. High quality printing: Offset printer uses ink is able to create fine lines with richer colors than
toner used in digital printers, generating a high- quality image. Offset uses printing plates, which
produce a very clean image and dismiss the possibility of streaking and spotting. Consistent high
image quality. There is a large variety of specialty inks available with offset printing like fluorescent
and metallic inks.
3. There is another facility of adjusting the amount of ink .A metal blade is used to control the
amount of ink transferred from the ink container to the ink roller. This amount is adjusted by
constantly adjusting the gap between the blade and the ink roller.
4. Offset printer are so capable of printing thousands of pieces within 2 or 3 days without
compromising with printing quality. Each printed piece will be of same quality.
Everyday, industries depend on different methods of printing to produce high quality signage.
Printing can be done in two ways : Digital printing and offset printing. What method of printing is
better than the other? The answer to this question is quite tricky. But actually, both are equally good
and their use depends on the requirements of the client. For example : for printing color business
cards, both digital and offset printing can be used. Whereas, for quick completion of projects on
affordable price, digital printing is used and for high quality results, Offset printing is used. For
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