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Sniper Rifle and Accessories Sale!

Grab a smoking hot CYMA APS SR-2 Modular Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
w/ 4x32 Scope & Bipod at $96.26!
Save $16.99

470 FPS Muzzle velocity


4.5 lbs

24 rounds Magazine Capacity

Save a flat $16.99 on WellFire APS SR-2 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper
Rifle - DARK EARTH at $96.26
470 FPS Muzzle Velocity

5.5 lbs


27 rounds Magazine Capacity

455 FPS DE Airsoft Metal M50P Master Sniper Rifle w/ Red Dot Scope at $78.75
6.5 lbs

400 FPS Muzzle Velocity

25 rounds Magazine Capacity

Metal Outer Barrel, Polymer Stock


Big Discounts
Polymer Clamp-On Bipod at $4.21!

0.36g GoldenBall Biodegradable MaxSlick
Seamless Airsoft BBs - 1Kg Bag at $15.26!

And Much

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