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The Black Eye

Matthias Albrecht
Illustrations: Cal an Grecia

evi Rosenberg, 13, has always had an ordinary life. His biggest
L passions are hiking and climbing, especially with his friend Tsu. He
got his passions from his father, Jacob. When he was young he was the
country's most famous climber. But this suddenly stopped when he lost
an arm on his last climbing trip. Jacob joined a national competition to
climb Mount Grant in one day. No one has ever climbed Grant in one
day. Levi's father won the national competition but had to give in
exchange. During his descent he got stuck with one arm and could
only free himself after 20 hours. This was too late for his arm, it had to
be amputated.


great part of Levi and his friend's life, is the black sand cave or
A just the Black Eye. It is a cave not far away from their school and it
is said that the sand on the right hand can save life and in the wrong
take it. But this is an old tale, no one ever experienced something
unusual with the sand.


ne day, right after school, Levi and his best friend Tsu decided to
O go as far as possible into the Black Eye. This is very dangerous,
because the light from outside cannot reach that far. And a flashlight is
necessary. There are many stories about people who never came back
from the Black Eye and some of them just did not bring enough
batteries for their flashlights. Something like this would never happen
to Levi and his best friend. They had learnt a lot from their fathers. But
on this day, Tsu felt a bit sick and wanted to return to the daylight,
whereas Levi really wanted to continue discovering the cave as far as
possible. They decided to go their separate ways. As Tsu returned
home, Levi went on.


evi knew that it is not a good idea to hike and climb alone, but he
L really wanted to achieve his aim. Although, he started to feel very
tired and he did not really know what time it was, because he could not
follow the sun. Nothing to orientate. After a few gangways he entered a
big hall slightly illuminated by daylight. He could hear the running
water from a small waterfall nearby. "Ah, finally fresh water, thank
god", he thought. "The water seems to be very bright, strange how
sunlight changes the colour." While drinking the water he realized
suddenly, that there must be something behind the water, because the
waterfall was in the shadow. But the waterfall was so thick that he
could not see what is behind just by trying to pull his head through the
water. So he decided to try to walk through it.


here he stood, completely soaked. White everywhere. White sand
T in a small room. And then he suddenly realized that his feet did
not hurt anymore. He was standing on white sand and his whole body
suddenly felt relieved from all the pain and tiredness. Levi thought
about the magic sand from the old tales. "Maybe I've found it", he
thought. Now he only wanted to go home and tell his friends and his
parents of his discovery. He filled his empty water bottle quickly with
the white sand as proof.


here he stood, in front of his home and he did not really know how
T fast the time had passed. He walked the long way home, but it was
peanuts for him and when he checked his watch, he realized that only
10 minutes had had gone by. Usually it took him 20 minutes to reach
home. He thought about competing climbing and hiking tournaments
with the sand and how fast he would be. How far and long he could
climb and hike without feeling any pain. He changed his mind. This
should be his secret.


fter making some test hikes and climbs he started to compete
A with the sand. And it worked out. The white sand from the Black
Eye was magic. Within six months Levi was on the front pages of many
sports magazines as the new upcoming outdoor sports champion. He
also gained a lot of new friends. They loved him for what he
accomplished. Levi felt good, this was like everything he ever wanted.
Becoming so strong, having so many friends and his winnings earned
him a lot more pocket money to buy his sports gear. And yes, a lot of
girls in his school really liked him. Although, he lost contact with his
best friend Tsu. She noticed that Levi had a secret he did not want to
share with her and he also could not explain how he got so much
better in such a short time. Nevertheless, Levi enjoyed his success.


ne day, his mother felt sick and Jacob said that only a miracle
O could heal her. That evening, he had to compete in the climbing
championships finals, but he knew straight away what he had to do. He
spread the white sand out under the bed sheet of his mum. The sand
he had collected had run out but he knew where to find more. He still
wanted to attend the climbing finals. But unfortunately, this was his
worst climb ever. He finished in 15th place. He felt bad. Was this his
real strength? Was this how he would feel everyday without sand? A lot
of people even asked him why his condition was so bad, but he did not
give an answer. Firstly, he just wanted to sleep, and then look after his
mother before going to collect new sand.


evi suddenly woke up, when his father Jacob entered his room and
L screamed: "Levi, your mother is fit again! I don't know what
happened!" Levi was overwhelmed, although he knew that the white
sand healed her. He ran as fast as he could to his mother to convince
himself of her recovery. Everything he achieved with the white sand
was not as worthy as the moment he experienced now. A tear ran down
his cheek and he could not hold back his whimpering. Mum just held
him tightly to her chest and comforted him.