The Causes of Hearing Loss

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The Causes of Hearing Loss

The ears are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. If you are suffering from a
hearing loss, the one thing that you can do is prevent further damage. There are some causes of
hearing loss that are within your control and knowing what they are can help you to keep the
hearing that you have left.

The first obvious cause of a loss of hearing is repeated exposure to high levels of noise. Many
people work in jobs where they are around large pieces of machinery that emit an extreme amount
of noise. If you wish to protect your hearing, you should make sure that you use protective
equipment whenever you are around this level of noise.

There are some medications that can cause a hearing loss and this is called ototoxic hearing loss.
There are some painkillers such as Vicodin that can cause a loss of hearing for those who are
taking it for a long period of time. If you are concerned about a hearing loss, you should check with
your doctor to find out if any of the medications that you are taking will cause you to lose your

There are some genetic factors when it comes to hearing loss as well. Researchers have
discovered a genetic link between hearing loss and those who have it. Once researchers are able
to discover the causes of hearing loss, it might be possible for it to be avoided.

Many people believe that there is a hearing loss that can be associated with old age and aging.
However, researchers have found that the cause of hearing loss in older people has more to do
with the aging brain than with aging ears. There is also the genetic factor that is involved with
hearing loss in older people.

Women who are taking a hormone replacement may suffer from a hearing loss as well. For
women who are considering taking a hormone replacement, they may want to consider other more
natural alternatives to prevent the hearing loss that is associated with female hormones. Check
with your doctor to determine if you have reason to be concerned about hearing loss from female

Researchers are busy trying to determine the reasons for a variety of types of hearing loss. When
there is research in an area like hearing loss there will be many things that can be done to prevent
the problem from occurring. If you know what is causing the problem you will be able to prevent it.

One of the best ways to prevent a hearing loss is to protect your ears whenever you are exposed
to high levels of noise. It is important that you wear protective equipment such as plugs and muffs
to keep your hearing intact. Repeated exposure to lower levels of noise will also damage your
hearing so you should keep this in mind when you are in an environment with a decibel level over


Your hearing is important and you should do what you can to find out the causes of your hearing
loss if you are experiencing a loss. Find out what could be the cause and do what you can to avoid
the situation any further.