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The day of Christmas is the time when you can see
lights, decorative tars and decorative Christmas trees
at the houses of ChristinaA's every where. This is the
winter festival which is celebrated with Christmas
prayers, love and joy by not only christens but also with
those who believe in Lord Jesus.

As the December starts the first festival that every one who follows the
spirit of Christianity waits for the day of Christmas Eve that is the 25th
December every year The day of Christmas in the Christians festival is
one of the most important day and the Christmas celebrations are the
best part that is done on this day The Christmas celebration began from
the morning by lighting candles in the church and at the home in front of
Lord Jesus

Prayers and carols are enchanted every where with lighting candles in
hands Decoration of Christmas tree is one other best part on this day as
its beauty increase when the morning turns into night The Christmas tree
is decorated with lots of props which are known as the Christmas

The Christmas ornaments are very attractive and beautiful elements that
are used on this day such as starts, Christmas candles, lights, neon
lights, animals such as sheepA's, horses and snow dogs, Santa clause
and lots of candies These Christmas ornaments are easily available at
any stores and more over you can make them at your homes to The
Christmas lights are most beautiful thing which gives your eyes a
pleasing look and a peaceful view

There are neon lights which are very much famous on the Christmas day
celebration and are used in large number Lights on Christmas are very
important such as they are used to decorate Christmas trees and they
are used to decorate the churches and houses

These lights are beautiful way to celebrate this day and the three most
common colors of light which are used on this are white lights, green
lights and red lights These lights have their own importance and
meaning in terms of Christianity

The christmas decorations are among best decorations that you can see
There are many innovative things on this day are used which have great
meaning such as the decretive star with lights, Christmas tree with lots of
Christmas ornaments on it, Christmas candles and bells which are very
much important as they are part of prayers on this day last but not least
the socks

On the eve of Christmas childrenA's decorate there trees by hanging a
pair of socks, can you imagine why? Children's believe that on the night
of Christmas day Santa Claus will come on his card and will put a Christmas day gift for them in
their respective socks where this can be true with the help of there
parents With this type of amazing decoration there are which are
planned too on this day

Every one has a part and a small family and friends get together, in
which they organize games such as musical chairs, tug of war, and dog
in the pond, musical games and many more Christmas is the time to get
together and pray for the goodwill

Now days not only people who belong to Christianity follow this day of
Christmas but also those who are not the Christians too follow it
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