The Difference Between Anti Virus And Internet Security

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What is AntiVirus and Internet Security? Which One to Choose? Antivirus and internet security basically has the same purpose: securing your online activity and digital life. The difference between the two lies on the features that are offered. Antivirus has the most basic features while the latter has more to offer. Antivirus as its name usually only has protection for virus and other malicious software like Trojans and worms. Internet security suite on the other hand has additional features like personal firewall, anti-spam, parental control, identity theft protection, and more. Actually, some additional features in the internet security suite have already available inside your system like firewall and anti-spam protection. While firewall protection is offered by Windows itself and active by default, anti-spam is provided by your email client software like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. So, choosing internet security can also be based on decision that these-already-available features are not enough for you even though free firewall and anti-spam applications are also available online like Comodo Personal Firewall and SPAMfighter to accompany your antivirus software. Internet Security suite has advantage over separated security applications in a way that it is more integrated, less demanding on system-resource, and more likely less conflict. So choosing it is like having an all-in-one security protection. Furthermore, some internet security software even have their own unique features that make their suites incomparable. Choosing internet security over antivirus is only a matter of choice. But you should remember that antivirus alone cannot give you full protection over your PC. You still need other applications whether it is free or not. With that said, it is rather an apple to orange comparison if we try to compare the two. The right comparison would be to compare an internet security with a handful of programs combined together to build a perfect matchup for the former. Both can give you an ideal security condition for your system. Regarding the price, internet security suite is usually priced around $20 more expensive than the antivirus for the same brand. But if you do a little research, you might get a great internet security software for the price even cheaper than other more expensive antivirus software. Not only that, if you only need more stronger firewall protection, then you don’t need internet security suite. Just pick antivirus like Panda Antivirus 2010 and ZoneAlarm AntiVirus 2010 and you can save at least 20 dollars. If you want a free basic protection, free antivirus is all you need. There are AVG Free AntiVirus and Avira, both of which offer solid performance. But if I might suggest, go with AVG as it is less intrusive and offer more features. But if you want a complete security suite, you can still find internet security suite with steep price. Check this list of cheap antivirus that contains security suites from major publishers like Symantec, Trend Micro, and AVG with discount more than 50%. My advice check out ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2010 promotion, you can save $30 on security suite that offers all Norton 360 have but with less price.