The difference between Monism and Dualism

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The difference between Monism and Dualism
What goes on deep inside a person is something that everybody has tried to fathom,
with their loved ones or those for whom they are having special feelings. There are
times when people make the wrong judgement. Most people would give an arm and a leg
to find out the thoughts that are swirling around in the minds of their counterparts,
colleagues and seniors at work. The question of what the mind actually is has not yet
been answered with finality. The search is still on for the basis of the mind. When
people have injuries to strokes to the brain, they lose certain functionality related to
the brain such as certain behaviours and certain memories.

This implies that the mind is in fact a part of the brain. However, theories that the
mind is separate from the body have been around from ancient times to modern times.
This concept states that the mind and the matter that exists in the world are two
different levels of existence which cannot be brought together. When we think, we
traverse a world that can appear to be an alternate reality. This feeling can be derived
from the traversal through the million and billion memories that are lodged in the cells
of the brain. The thoughts that are created inside each person are very unique as are
the understanding and comprehension.

There is no way that another person can feel what one person is going through. It is
impossible to get to the real thoughts and fears that lie at the root of each person's
mind. However, what we can decipher is that the doubts, fears and joys are universal.
Some people might be having a great attraction towards some object, which can be

disproportionate to the real value of the object. In these cases, it is the circumstances
that lead to these identifications with certain aspects of life. The newer methods of
delving into memories such as EMDR Courses have made the connection between the
body and the mind. This is the practical reality.

All the concepts such as monism and dualism are theories that have been proposed.
Monism is the theory that everything is derived from one source, including the mind
and body. A more stringent view is that the substance that makes up everything is also
the same as the source. The other view of the world posits that there are two
opposing quantities which are constantly at odds with each other. This is dualism.
Pluralism says that the number of different materials is three or more. Within Monism,
there are three variants. One is convinced that the mind and the matters related to it
are the real thing. The second believes that the body and the physical state is the real
and that the mind is only an offshoot. The third which is neutral says that the reality
is the source of both the physical and the mental states. However one finds nature to
be logical and probable, the matter of the mind is something that is exciting as it
represents an ability to go anywhere at will and instantly.