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Europe Aviation Test Equipment Market is
Expected to Reach $1.78 Billion in 2020
The Europe aviation test equipment market is expected to
reach a value of $1.78 billion by 2020 from $1.44 billion in
2014, at a CAGR of 3.6% from the year 2014 to 2020. Test
dealers in the test equipment market are continually confronted
by the growing demand for advanced avionics systems. The
attempt to align legacy systems with upcoming technology in
the line-replaceable units (LRU) space is driving the market.
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market report to get an idea of the in-depth analysis provided.
It also provides a glimpse of the segmentation in the market,
and is supported by various tables and figures.
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With increased budget cuts and program delays, the military is increasingly focusing on
upgrading and extending the life of its existing aircraft, which is d riving the test
equipment market with better precision and accuracy.
Key Players :
UTC Aerospace
Systems, Rockwell
Collins, Honeywell
International, GE
Aviation, Airbus,
Boeing, 3M, MOOG,
Rolls Royce & others.
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New regulation standards are incipient, such as Future Airborne Capability E nvironment
(FACE) Consortium, incorporating around 40 avionics manufacturers and military
organizations, among others, to enrich the quality of products used in commercial and
military avionics. This is paving the way for next-generation avionics test equipment.
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A scalable and configurable tester concedes di vergent footprints to encounter various
applications i n depot and in the field at intercessor sites, which also harmonizes the
original equipment manufacturers (OEM) avionics and the depot of the end-user. This
magnifies the investment in test program d evelopment, and this synchronization drives
incredible savings and proficiency in sustainment.
The present procurement trends in the European region depict the preference of
government towards multiple-award, indefinite delivery, and indefinite quantity omnibus
contracts for integrated solutions which require pre-qualifications and meticulous
testing. These are causing the market to grow at a rapid pace.
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North America Aviation Test Equipment Market
Aviation Test Equipment are devices that are used by manufacturers of various
components designed for aviation services and products. The North American market is
one of the biggest markets for aviation test equipment. It is also one of the most diverse
markets when compared to the rest of the world.
The North American Aviation Test Equipment market is currently estimated at $1.61
million, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.68% to $2 .00 million by 2020.The
purpose of this report is to identify various applications, technologies involved, usage
patterns, and different products under the North American aviation test equipment
market. It involves an in-depth analysis of the market segmentation, which comprises
technology, type, product, application, and end user.
The North American aviation test eq uipment market is seg mented on the basis of
products and application. The product market is segmented into electrical, hydraulic,
pneumatic, and power test equipment, while the application market can be segmented
into military and commercial sub segments.
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