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Australian Metal E-zine
August 2010
The first half of 2010 has seen
an almost instantaneous flood of
new and exciting local metal
bands take to the stage. Bris-
bane death metal act The Fe-
vered are one of this year’s new
arrivals that have seemingly
come out of nowhere and taken
the local scene by storm. In only
a short time the five-piece have
built up a solid reputation for
their energetic live shows, and
more importantly, their music.
To describe their music bluntly,
The Fevered sound like five guys
who have been locked in a
room for a year listening to noth-
ing but early Entombed and At
the Gates records.

“Chris [Rowden - guitarist] and I
Nick and Josh from The Fevered
have had a passion for the mu-
sic of At the Gates and similar band. I was brought in to audi- Gates,
bands for years,” guitarist Nick tion. They ended up trying out a Death, Entombed, Carcass
McKeon explains of the band’s bunch of other dudes, then in- and Raised Fist, but then if you
inception, “so after an extensive vited me back and I got in.
asked our drummer Mark what

period of aimless jamming we
his biggest influence was he’d
While there are more than
decided to get right to the
probably say Nick Cave and
enough bands already doing
good stuff! We composed a
the Bad Seeds. In some ways I’d
the “melodeath” thing, the
say we are fairly broad, but
band seems to be quite aware
scoured Brisbane for like-minded
generally we draw influence
of this judging by the texture of
players with our long time friend
from a huge and diverse range
their music alone, which seems
and bass player Freeman, even-
of metal and hardcore. “
to only draw influence from the
tually getting Mark Perry and genre’s original purveyors, and Josh: “I guess you could say
Josh Robinson on board after not its descendents like most we have some crossover ap-
much trial and error.”
new melodeath bands.
peal in that respect. Hell, the

Vocalist Josh adds, “Nick and I
more people want to listen to
initially met at a house party of a
us, the better!”
speaks: “Our major influences
mutual friend in 2009. We got to

come from all over the place.
talking and he told me about his

We all love bands like At the
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The Fevered made their live
debut in January this year, to a
packed audience at The Val-
ley’s StepInn. Since then, the
band have upped the ante with
each show, also scoring bills
alongside Dead Letter Opener
and Sydney’s Daysend.
Chris: “Our gigs have been re-
ceived far better than we could
have ever imagined. Thus far we
have braced ourselves to play
to an empty room just about
every gig we’ve had!
Nick: “I am astounded that we
seem to be having around 100
or so people at each gig. At our
Left to right: Josh, Freeman, Chris Rowden
first [show] we packed out the
StepInn; why I'm not sure to this to cut their first EP.
gether, and we’re trying to
day, haha!” We try to put on our Chris: “The production is com-
make sure it isn’t too overpro-
most energetic and entertaining ing along really well so far. Thus duced and plastic sounding like
performance each time, as we far we’ve tracked drums, bass a lot of stuff that comes out
feel that this is just as if not more and guitars. We are at the helm these days. It amazes me how
the of all of our production, includ-
many records are being re-
songs well.”
ing tracking, mixing and master-
Chris: People seem to receive ing… as a band we like the grammed drums, or drums that
our live set very positively. We’re idea of a DIY record.
are triggered to the extent that
fairly energetic both musically Nick adds: “As it stands we they sound completely inhu-
and in our stage presence, and I are just lining up a date to do man.”
think the more you enjoy what Josh's vocal recording. Every-
So what’s next for the band af-
you’re doing, the more the thing else has been tracked ter this EP?
crowd is going to enjoy it too. into submission so I suppose it's Chris: “As many shows as possi-
That’s especially true when, like "all over bar the shouting", ble! I’d also love to go interstate.
us, you don’t have any releases haha! We've done everything We’re also already working on
by ourselves, hiring out a drum material for a full length, and it’s
Nick: “I am astounded that we room, expensive mics, making shaping up really nicely”.
seem to be having around 100 an isolation cabinet for guitar Josh: “We’ll play some more
or so people at each gig. At our recording and even pedal shows, possibly some interstate.
first [show] we packed out the modding. It's shaping up to be We’ll write more songs for a full-
StepInn; why I'm not sure to this around six tracks and we're still length release, and party!”
day, haha”
messing around with ideas for Nick: “Pretty much what Josh
Eight months after their first distro and art style and so on.”
show, the band have made an Chris adds: “We’re really en-

effort to get into the studio early joying seeing it all come to-

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Demodocus are a fiery new group hailing from the Gold Coast. Formed in 2007, the group
played their first live shows this year in June and fans are keen to see more of what this group is
capable of. The band is led by the charismatic frontwoman Mary, whose demonic vocals would
eat Angela Gossow whole for breakfast. We had a chat with Mary and drummer Shane over the
net to get the low-down on this exciting new band.
“In Greek mythology, Demodo-
twice a week during the last I try to make sure each song
cus is a poet/singer of war songs. month. We jammed with Mary has it's own personality so to
War, and all mythology is what twice. Once on the last week, speak, with the rhythms, riffs and
our lyrics and music are mostly once the week before. And of structures. We try to capture dark
about.” Shane explains. “Mary course there's always our time at atmospheres,
and I started the band in 2007 home to practice.
clean passages and of course,
and the last member recently “[opposite to] our opinions, straight
joined in May this year. Mary's old [the shows] have been received metal.”
band needed a drummer so I very well. The only bad things
filled in, while I had my own that we've heard were to do Of course, Demodocus can’t
band. Both bands eventually fell with the sound PA, but people go without mentioning their front-
to shit, so Mary and I collabo- have been portraying quite a bit lady Mary, whose vocals range
rated. We tried out members as of energy which is good to see.”
from an angelic melodic croon
we wrote material. Dempsey “Each song roughly takes three to a deep demonic roar. I asked
[guitar] and Liam [bass] joined a or more months to write, and we Mary how long she had been
year later, Leif [guitar] joined us never write in the jam room; eve- trained as a vocalist for…
six months later, and finally rything is done at home. Riffs are
Whitey [keyboards] joined six written and recorded over pro- “I’ve been doing heavy vocals
months after that.
grammed drums, then Mary and for seven years,” Mary tells, “and

I will ponder over them for a few clean vocals for longer. I studied
“I think we tried out the entire hours and decide if any ideas The Zen of Screaming by Melissa
Gold Coast! It was a grueling ex- are worthy. Each idea must pass Cross, while also having web-
perience finding members.”
three questions:
consultations with

That’s of course until I could
The band’s first show was in 1. Is it fun to play?
hopefully do all this in person.
June this year, supporting Five
One thing I focus on is building
Star Prison Cell in the Gold Coast, 2. Will it go well on stage?
my abdominal muscles for a
which was followed by a Brisbane
strong core. They are the basis
show at the StepInn, several days And most of all…
for your screaming. I have learnt

from a huge difference that this

3. Is this the best thing I've ever makes.”
“Before our first gig we had six


jammed once a week, then
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Although with only a few gigs under their belt,
and a show in July with Brisbane metal titans As-
triaal, Demodocus are already beginning work
on what will be their debut album.

Shane: “We've only just started, but we have a
lot of material to record (we even discussed of
doing a double album), and a lot of artwork to
do. We do hope it'll be ready for early next

And the future?

“Record our album, promote the album with a
lot of gigs and if we get the chance, move to
America, England or Europe. Then write, record,
tour, write, record, tour, write, record, tour, etc.
We have a lot of ideas for the future of the
“Seek your own approval, not someone else's.
Thanks for the interview.”

Demodocus have demo samples of their mu-
sic available for listening at:
Tell me about yourselves… how did
it all begin?
My name is Jordan Frenzy. I met
David (drums) in school on Friday 13,
1985 and we started as a crossover
thrash band called The False Idols
and recorded a cassette called
“Skate Metal” the following year.
Venom had a song called “Black
Metal”, Sodom had one called
“Witching Metal”, and Possessed had
“Death Metal”, so we wanted to start
“Skate Metal”, haha. People really
A historical interview by Dick Kadent.
dug us and we thought we were go- cause of our name. We eventually was doing it in 1998. Nobody liked
ing to be really big until one day we released an album with our own the album though, and that’s fine
performed at a big skating festival in money in 1991, but it was the same because it was more for ourselves. I
our hometown, and the audience week Nirvana’s Nevermind was re- still have 900 copies in a box in my
started throwing cans of softdrink at leased so we were quickly forgotten. garage if anyone wants them, all
us when they tried to make us skate How long has your current band autographed, lol.
on a big halfpipe with our guitars and Soul Stains been around for?
It’s been twelve years since your
saw that we couldn’t actually skate, Since 1992. Dave and I were 23 and last album and you haven’t done any
still living with our parents, so we had shows since 2002. Is the band still go-
So what happened next?
to make a living. After listening to a ing?
After that gig our bassist stopped friend’s Deicide tape, we decided Yeah man! After that album we
playing music and got a job but death metal would be our future. We needed a break, and Dave quit to
David and I weren’t going to stop. did two albums in the early ‘90s and get a job. But I won’t stop. I’ve been
We really wanted to make it big, and people were really digging us like we working on our fourth album, and
glam metal was really big on TV at were kicking ass, signed to a label man, it’s gonna be a cracker. I think
the time so we decided to take a and had a tour offer from the US and this is the one that’ll break us into the
chance at that. We borrowed our everything. Our third album “Spittin’ big time. We just need a guitarist and
mums’ make up and clothes and Chips” was more of a personal re- bassist who’ll stay with us then we
formed Lance Labia in 1988. Things cord for us. We didn't want to repeat can finish the album. I hope we get
were really looking good for us but no ourselves either so we added rap lyr- that US tour offer again with this new
record companies would sign us be- ics to the new songs, like everybody record. Fuck yeah!!!!!!

After a successful run of shows across the and Adelaide have been added to the touring
country last year, Progfest has returned for 2010, list, and “maybe more”, according to Tim.
and organiser Tim Charles is excited about this “Line-ups for each city vary quite a bit, and
year’s shows. Several of the artists from Progfest they are all incredibly diverse from start to finish
2009 and 2008 have returned yet again so there really is something for everyone (that is
(including Arcane, Ne Obliviscaris, Sleep- slightly prog inclined).There are so many great
makeswaves, and whatever project Michael bands on board I'd just recommend getting
Mills is doing at the moment!), while many of the down there early and checking out as many
showcased bands will also be touring the shows bands as you can!
around the country.

Having only been something of a fringe culture
“Last year's Progfest shows went incredibly (especially in Australia) in the past, the 2000s
well.” Tim says over email. “It seemed like as we have seen an extraordinarily vast blossoming of
went to each city the concept slowly garnered progressive rock and metal in the country. Not
more and more support which was very encour- only has this recent boom been limited to just the

bands playing the style of music, but also the re-
Good to hear, so is anything different for ceiving fanbase.
2010’s shows?

“I definitely feel there are a lot of great pro-
“This year we've co-ordinated things a lot gressive bands in Australia at the moment. Lead-
more so that we have each city’s Progfest ing the way are some of the country’s biggest
event closer together and have quite a few heavy rock bands such as Karnivool & The Butter-
bands touring across the country playing multi- fly Effect that have taken a big prog turn on their
ple Progfest shows which will give these bands latest albums. Sydonia & Closure In Moscow are
some great exposure and also give people an both doing fantastic things as well. Arcane, Para-
opportunity to see a wide range of bands from digm, Ne Obliviscaris & 'Neath are all making an
across the country.”
impact within the prog/metal genre. Things are

definitely looking up for the Australian prog
The inaugural 2008 Progfest was originally a scene!
one-off performance in Melbourne, while last
year’s extended its arms out to Brisbane, Syd- For more info on any of the Progfest shows
ney and Canberra. This year, the Gold Coast head to

1. Blood Duster are coming to Brisbane for Bastard-
the others? That would be morally wrong...
Fest with Pod People. What are your expectations 6. Do you guys have any new material coming up?
of the show?
Yeah, we're halfway through recording a new
I'm guessing we will be our usual cultured selves. album and as I have my own studio, we are lazy as
I'm thinking we will be well mannered and I dare shit... (the studio is called Goatsound by the way.)
say we will be dressed appropriately. I guess the This is what happens to bands when they have a
show will be good, they generally are.
place they can record... they don't.

2. Will Blood Duster also be doing the other Bas-
7. Besides Blood Duster, you're also working as a
tardFest shows around the country?
producer. How's that going for you?
Well there is only Melbourne and Brisbane right Better than it is for Duster. I'm doing lots of re-
now, but I'm sure we will be doing more if they turn cording, mixing and mastering, sometimes too
up. Perth is on the cards but I don't have much in much. But I get to hear lots of stuff that I wouldn't
the way of details for that just yet.
normally so thats good. There are tons of good Aus-

tralian punk/metal and hardcore bands out there
3. The last time Blood Duster were in Brisbane was at the moment... it's just kinda hard to find it all in
with Brutal Truth last year. How was the tour?
amongst the thousands of Myspace pages...
Yeah it was good we had a lot of fun with those
retards; lots of drinking and being fucking idiots 8. What's the most disgusting thing you guys have
around the place. They are always fun to hang done on tour?
around... although we are all getting older, back in Eaten our own spew, participated in group fucks,
the day it was more chaotic, now we get a more group fights, argued with police, fucked promoters
"civilised" type of drunk.
girlfriends while staying at their houses... too much

shit to mention in just a paragraph or two. Maybe
4. Tell us about your visit to the US at the Maryland you can read about it one day, in the book I might
Deathfest. Have you guys got any more overseas write... that may be titled "How to Act Like a Com-
shows lined up?
plete Fuckhole in a Band".
Nah, we don't really like going overseas to play,
we like going to visit places but on a whole people 9. What are you guys up to after BastardFest?
dont get us as much as i would like. Maryland was Getting fuckin' wasted... man... Umm, really we're
different, we have always gone over really well just going to try and get the album finished and
there. People throwing all kinds of crazy shit at us then work on our retirement tour.
and we have a ball... but generally, i would much
rather be record shopping with Beltsy or some shit 10. Any final comments...
like that, perhaps even riding roller coasters with Stay brutal and thanks to everyone for the sup-
Tone Bone, thats always a fucking hoot.
port. We turn 20 next year so hold onto your trou-

sers its going to be a fucking good year.
5. Out of all the songs you've written... what's the
most disgusting song you're most proud of?
Catch Blood Duster with Pod People, Astriaal,
They are all like my ugly deformed babies and if I Defamer and High Plains Drifter at BastardFest
could put one of the ugly fucks in front of any of at The Globe Theatre, August 28.