The Green IT Environment Era

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The Green IT Environment Era

Much has being talked about Green IT these days. To begin with, let us try to understand the concept.
Unlike popular opinion, Green IT is not at all about purchasing a suite of jazzy green hardware and or
other IT paraphernalia. Rather the concept is all about holistic efficiency and that is what leads to more
sustainable IT transformation.
In the recent past, there have been several concerns about global warming, corporate social responsibility
and energy conservation issues that are resulting in an unmatched amount of media coverage about the
importance and requirement of a Green environment. Apart from heavy press coverage, environmental
protection concerns are gaining prominence even with the IT managers.

Therefore, adopting Green IT measures would mean to be environmentally accountable as well as adopt a
cost-effective approach. A successful and efficient Green initiative increases the accessibility of IT
infrastructure as well as minimizes the enterprise expense. Furthermore, it can be a platform for
generating a fresh level of discipline in IT management and provisioning.

The Why of the Green IT concept
According to researchers and IT experts, IT has been thriving on an unsustainable path for some years.
There are massive data centers that are feeding on electricity and millions of computer burn up processor
power conducting background processes most of the time when users are in discussions. All these result in
excess of documents and emails printed unnecessarily that remains unused.

These above mentioned causes are the reasons as to why there is a need for Green IT infrastructure today.
Other than this, there are other reasons too. Majority of EU and UK campaigns and regulations demand
greener business. Today employees are becoming "green aware" and aims to see their respective
organizations playing an active part in any solution than deteriorating any problem. Eventually, there will
be someone or something, for instance a client, your boss or a government body, who would demand you
to be aware of what you are practicing to comply with, advance or assist your organization's attempts in
becoming more environmentally accountable.

Today there are numerous service providers offering Green IT solutions by increasing the efficiency of the
IT hardware, IT Data Centers and other allied fields. Datacenter virtualization and Datacenter
consolidation are two essential elements contributing towards a Green IT environment. In fact, it is
estimated that virtualization is going to be the most influential trend-changing infrastructure throughout
2012. For the ones not prepared to undertake virtualization the best option is to consolidate the existing

However, the key in being able to address and manage the various aspects of a Green Datacenter is to
adopt a holistic approach. The organization needs to take into consideration of all the environmental
impacts rather than concentrating only on the obvious factors.

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