The Hair & Makeup Industry in Australia

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The Hair & Makeup Industry in Australia
Everyone wants to keep up with the latest fashionable hair and makeup trends. Here are some tips
for the best hair and makeup in Brisbane and Perth.
Makeup Trends
These trends are followed by some of the best makeup artists in Perth and Brisbane. Just a few small
changes to the average everyday makeup routine can make a big difference between current styles
and those of the past.
Matte Lips
It's time to put away the lip gloss. Although bright red is still trendy, wearing it matte instead of
shiny is more fashionable. Other bold matte colours are also popular such as magenta and sangria.
From eye shadow to lipstick, pastels are dominating the runway. If cotton candy comes in the colour,
it's perfect for the season. Light blue eye shadow and peach matte lips create a soft and feminine
look that flatters almost everyone.
Soft Nail Colours
Bright colours and elaborate designs covered the pages of fashion magazines early in 2013. The new
year look is going back to the basics with French manicures and more natural colours. Light pinks,
matte and pastels are preferred by makeup artists in Perth and all across Australia.
Natural Tones
The natural, everyday look has gone from thick powder to a thin layer of creamy highlighter and a
healthy shine. Runway makeup artists are also avoiding most mascara. A thin layer may be applied
but the trendy, natural look is quite minimal. Creamy blushes that blend with the skin tone and lots
of moisturizer bring this look to life.
Hair Trends
Just as important as perfectly in-style makeup is keeping up with the current hair style trends.
Luckily, most of these trends are easier to manage than many styles of the past.
Mid-Length Bob
Shoulder-length hair, worn down without any fancy clips or pins is extremely fashionable in Australia
right now. Whether wavy, straight or curly, this style fits everyone and is typically quick to recreate
every morning.

Natural Colours
Hair stylists are moving away from chunky highlights and bright reds and opting for more natural
colours. Golden low-lights in blonde hair and a touch of highlights for brunettes create the hottest
looks. Colours are more naturally blonde or brunette rather than bright statement-making hues and
stylists are matching closer to the natural colours of their clients.
Natural Waves
Whether naturally wavy or not, the natural wave look is certainly in style. Some people are lucky
enough to wake up with this look and can happily stash away both the straightener and the curling
iron. For others, a bit of scrunching product or curlers may be necessary to achieve the style. Either
way, this hot look should take less time and effort than the sleek-straight looks of the past.
Stay in style with the latest trends for hair and makeup in Brisbane and Perth. These tips are great
for competitions and most are quick and easy to achieve. The natural look will be all over the
runways and beauty pageants so stay on top of the trends before the next show.
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