The Health Benefits Of Coriander Powder

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The Health Benefits Of Coriander
Coriander contains many fatty acids and essential volatile oil; it has been
found that this spice is rich source of certain oils and acids which not only
provide it a unique aroma but also digestive, carminative and anti-flatulent
Coriander seeds or powder is rich source of dietary fiber; availability of
dietary fiber improves digestion and helps body flush out toxins from
digestive and excretory system.These benefits not only help in curing
constipation but also reduce
bodytoxicity levels.
Regular use of Coriander powder in
the diet has been found as easiest
and effective protection against
colon cancer. Coriander possesses
dietary fiber which binds with bile
salts produced by cholesterol
reducing their absorption back in
colon cells. This protects colon
mucus membrane and reduces
chances of cancer.
Salmonella is a commonly found disease caused by food items which can
be even deadly in some cases. Coriander possesses dodecenal which
have been found as potent anti-bacterial compound in recent studies and
researches. Medical experts have suggested that anti-bacterial properties
of this compound are highly effective and strong compared to any other
spice or herb found commonly. By regular intake of Coriander powder one
can minimize chances of catching-up Salmonella and stay healthy and

Coriander powder supplies anti-oxidants along with dietary fiber which
makes it a healthy food item, quality of anti-oxidants found in coriander can
match those of any herb and control activity of free radicals in the body.
Together with fiber these anti-oxidants help in keeping body free of toxins
and harmful chemicals.
Presence of powerful anti-oxidants, dietary fiber, volatile oils and flavanoids
make coriander an effective anti-diabetic. Research suggests that use of
Coriander powder as spice in food help in controlling blood sugar and
lowering its level in blood. This is also effective in slowing down the
process of absorption of sugar in blood during digestion to provide effective
support to diabetics.
Lower your harmful cholesterol level by using coriander, Flavanoids and
fiber help in reducing level of LDL in the body and increase level of HDL to
its reduce overall fat content. People consuming similar type of food but
one group consuming Coriander showed much lesser LDL level compared
to the group eating same food without Coriander.
Coriander is rich source of vital minerals iron, copper, calcium, potassium,
magnesium, manganese and copper. These minerals, promote growth of
red blood cells, cell metabolism,
and sperm generation; control heart rate, reduce blood pressure, aid
digestion, promote growth and maintain bodily fluids.
Coriander is a rich source of vitamin C and vitamins from B-complex group
like Riboflavin, Niacin and Thiamin.
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