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The highly acclaimed blue ocean strategy in
business as proposed by W.chan kim and
Renee says , its more worthwhile to make
competition irrelevant than to fight in a
overcrowded market place. A company can
create a blue ocean by catering to a different
segment of customers or by catering to a
different need of the existing segments. I was
wondering if some one can suggest a blue
ocean strategy to stock market.
blue ocean strategy framework

The strategy as in is not directly applicable due to dissimilarity in
structure of the market in general business and stock market The
number of players, the variety of players, the amount of volatility etc
makes the stock market a different ball game An individual investor
sees a lot of money flowing in either of directions but seldom knows
where to stand

So a blue ocean strategy for a stock market should be in a way
which makes markets movement irrelevant to making profit While
the debate always continues, weather to look for fundamentals or
technicals in a share, all the debaters are ironically admitting the
existence and significance of both

While the fundamentals change with the information available in
markets , Technicals are based on the historic trends Once again
the poor investor can hardly make out the difference between the
rumors and real information

So a small investor who can follow blue ocean strategy framework
technicals ,

I feel can create a kind of blue ocean for himself in market While i
was browsing through the online news papers I found some
interesting article about a website called www

vantagetrade com

As I fished into the site i found it quite handy to create a blue ocean
for my own self :) They have a call on any stock of our choice in any
kind of trend

This site is actually making market movement irrelevant to making
profit :))

blue ocean strategy framework