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Issue One March/April 2011
Torchwood is Back
and we take a
look at what’s to
come + we travel
back in time and
look at Torchwood
Through Time!

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Hello Readers! Welcome to The Hub! Watch out for the
Pterodactyl, and depending on which season your read-
4-6: Inside the Hub
16-18: Doothcrow
ing this, yes that is a hand in a jar, please don’t touch.
A round up of all the
A look at the popular Torch-
Anyway welcome to the brand new Torchwood Fanzine:
latest Torchwood News.
wood Parody Season “Dooth-
The Hub- a bimonhtly, (for a bit,) fanzine dedicated to
7: Pinup
the world of Torchwood. If you’ve been waiting for this,
you probably heard this was the new replacement for
Print out a beautiful pic- 19: Anthology Preview
the now dead “Torchwood Magazine.” Unfortunatley it’s
ture of Mrs. Gwen Cooper!A look at the forthcoming
not. I’m just a very nerdy teenager that has nothing to
8-11: Torchwood
Anthology “Time for Change”
do except exams, revision and be the only Sci-fi nerd in
Year 10...
Through Time
20-21: Debate!- Format
An overview of Torchwood A debate over which season
Being a Sci-Fi nerd has it’s benifits: you can walk around
Starting the Issue with a bang: it’s the only way...
town dressed in a WW2 trenchcoat, a Roman Centurion
Through Time featuring a format is better...
outfit with a fake hand, or even a Tweed Jacket and a Bow Tie. Also, you learn new things and get to rant and go
clean poster of the cover23-24: Miracle Day In Pic-
mental over a photoshop error or something...
12-14: Fiction: The Five tures
Anyway, this issue features lots of cool features: For starters, we round up all the latest Torchwood News in “In-
A Selection of Images and a
side the Hub.” Then you can grab a cup of coffee and read my column about surviving GCSE Years as an online
A brand new fiction by
small report on Miracle Day
vlogger/comedian/actor/fanzine maker and general nerd in “Diary of a Teenage Woodie.” After that, we bring
Lisa Moran!
25: Next Time
you “The Torchwood Files” in which we look at Jack.
15: Gwen Cooper- Hore
Then, we look at wether Gwen is a “Hore or Heroine”, comedy and a short quiz in! Not the Mind Probe! and we
or Heroine
revisit S2 opener “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Also, you can grab yourself another coffee and read our brilliant Fiction,
“The Five Jacks,” which features some sexual inuendo that readers may find disturbing...
An article looking at
Gwen Cooper’s attitudes

Final y you can join our debate over which season format is better, and read all the latest Filming reports from
and personality
“Miracle Day...
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All Aboard for
Department X...
New Audios Out Now!
Miracle of Miracles! Torchwood Fans will be glad to know that two new audios are out now! The two
Production Well Underway- Cast Announced
audios: Department X and Ghost Trains are original stories set before the events of
Season Three. Both stories are read by Kia Owen, (Rhys Williams.)
The synopsis are as followed:
By now any Torchwood fan should know
Ghost Train: It’s not easy being Rhys Williams. You’re married to the sexiest woman
that the fourth season is finally underway,
in Torchwood. She saves the world for a living, you move lorries round in a timely
with production now into its third month.
fashion. Suddenly, you’ve got a mystery of your own. Oh, it starts off being about
Since the begining of production, fans now
missing fridges. But it leads to a midnight train pulling into an abandoned platform
know the main plot and cast members...
at Cardiff Station. What is the mysterious cargo that Rhys is unloading from the
train? Where’s it going? And what can be behind it? Rhys Williams is going to get to
“One day, nobody dies. All across the world,
the bottom of it. All by himself, thank you very much. Soon Captain Jack is missing,
nobody dies. And then the next day, and
his wife’s dead, and it’s up to Rhys to try and put everything right. And find those
the next, and the next, people keep aging -
they get hurt and sick - but they never die.
Department X: Times are hard and the ancient firm has gone into administration.
The result: a population boom, overnight.
But who are the Administrators? What goes on behind the shutters at night? And
With all the extra people, resources are fi-
why are customers disappearing? Torchwood are already investigating; G.R. Owen
nite. It’s said that in four months’ time, the
is the site of their oldest unsolved cases, and Jack is determined to solve it before
human race will cease to be viable. But this
the store closes forever - which is why Ianto is working undercover in gentlemen’s
can’t be a natural event – someone’s got to be behind it. It’s a race against time as CIA agent
fashions and Gwen is in handbags. Are the new managers really aliens? What con-
Rex Matheson investigates a global conspiracy. The answers lie within an old, secret British
nection do they have to the mysterious G.R. Owen himself? And is Jack the only
institute. As Rex keeps asking “What is Torchwood?”, he’s drawn into a world of adventure,
one looking for the Department of Curiosities, last seen in 1905?
and a threat to change what it means to be human, forever.”
Both audios RRP at £13.25, but are £9.00 from the BBC Online Shop.
If you have either of these releases, please send us your thoughts to the address
The lead cast has also been confirmed. John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Kia Owen and Tom Price
on Page Two!
all return as there well known roles- Jack, Gwen, Rhys and PC Andy. New to the lead cast in-
cludes Mekhi Phifer (Rex Matheson;) Alexa Havins (Esther Drummond), Bill Pullman (Oswald
Davies talks Torchwood
Danes) and Arlene Tur (Doctor Vera Juarez). Many other supporting roles have also been
“It’s a Big Urban Thriller!”
You can read our full report of production so far one page...
Torchwood Creator and Writer Russell
T Davies gave an interview to the BBC
during the Wales production block of
“Miracle Day.”
The writer commented: “It asks the
question, what would happen if
nobody died?” the spin off’s creator
explained. “That’s just the very first
scene, and the repercussions echo through the series, so it’s a big story. It’s
brilliant to return to Torchwood, and to take these characters on their fourth
year of stories. They’ve kind of become modern legends, and I love that.”
“Personally I think I’m coming to the end of it now. I’ve saved the world and
blown up the world too many times. It’s time for me to write something
about people talking in kitchens, but I hope we leave Torchwood in a very
strong position so other writers can come in and take it over.”
Many thanks to BBC News and WhovianNet for quotes and interview
Image- Craig Hurle

Free Poster
Miracle Day Prequels announced...
The BBC recently announced that fans will get to read
three original fictions, in three novel releases spread
across the year; featuring both old and new Torchwood
The first for release is “First Born” set for UK release on
the 21st of July, (6th September for the US.) This novel’s
main cast include Gwen and Rhys. The synopsis is as fol-
“Gwen and Rhys are on the run. Rhys was hoping this
meant a windswept cottage on a cliff top, but he’s had
to settle for a miserable caravan in the isolated village of
Rawbone. With the locals taking an unhealthy interest in
their daughter, Gwen and Rhys start to realise that some-
thing is very wrong – something with echoes of a life they
thought they’d left behind. As they uncover the village’s
terrible past, Gwen discovers that Torchwood will never
leave them behind, and now she and Rhys stand alone in
defence of the Earth. And the children of Rawbone can
only bring her closer to the secret forces that want her out
of the way.”
The second for release is “Long Time Dead” featuring S1
character “Suzie Crostelo,” due the 20th September. The
synopsis reads...
“Cardiff Bay. The government has ordered the excava-
tion of the wreckage of a secret underground base. DCI
Tom Cutler is watching from a distance, fascinated by the
process. There are people in his dreams. People he feels
he should know. The disbanded Torchwood Institute spent a century accumulating non-terrestrial artefacts and
catching aliens. Who knows what – or who – might still be intact down there. But by the time they find the first
body, Suzie Costello is long gone.”
Finally, out on the 4th of October is “The Men Who Stole the World,” featuring Miracle Day character Rex Mathe-
son. The Synopis states...
“When Oscar Lupe appears 20,000 feet up in the air, his body is frozen solid and free-falling to earth. It shatters
on impact. Soon after, a CIA Special Activities Division squad goes rogue with a cargo marked ‘Torchwood’ that
they’ve been escorting from somewhere called Cardiff. A very special shipment the British government is keen to
offload at almost any price. The Agency puts Rex Matheson on the case. As the strange deaths pile up, Rex realises
there must be experimental tech out there, but someone is obstructing him at every turn – each time he seems to
be catching up with the rogue unit, something puts him off the trail. Rex is the CIA’s golden boy – but has he met
his match in the evasive Mr Wynter?”
Current RPP is still TBC. If you can’t wait that long for the novels, RTPBooks brings you, for free, “Time for
Change:” an anthology of Torchwood stories. This is previewed later in the issue.

Torchwood: Outside the Government, beyond
the police, etc, etc. Torchwood is one of the most
popular Sci-Fi spin offs the world has ever seen.
Featuring a handsome hero: Captain Jack- the
immortal who can never die, and his team of
friends and colleagues fight to save the world. But
Torchwood hasn’t been all we know it. We know
about Torchwood Three’s most recent team, (and
the recent fal ,) but there’s a whole host of tales
to be told before what we saw today. So, let’s go
back: way back to 1879...
In Scotland 1879, Queen Victoria visited the
MacLeish Estate where she met a man called the
Doctor. After a tough encounter with the Doctor
and a werewolf, the Queen set up an organisation
known as “Torchwood:” with the key purpose to
defend the Earth against alien threats. Since then,
bases in London, Glasgow and Cardiff have been
set up, thus creating four Torchwood divisions,
(the fourth’s location is unknown.) During the
development, in 1888 a space time rift appeared
in Cardiff, thus a branch was set up to monitor
the rift: Torchwood Three, the Torchwood we all
The early leaders of this small division were
Alice Guppy and Emily Holroyd whom killed
whatever came through the rift. In 1899, Captain
Torchwood Jack Harkness landed near Torchwood Three: rift and the Doctor, he the company. After serious interrogation and
captured by the two females. After talk of the
was made to work for discovering the Doctor will not come back for
another century, Jack worked at Torchwood. A
few years after employment, a Jack dug up after
the events from S2 finale “Exit Wounds,” anoth-
er Harkness instructed the team to place him in
cryofreeze to avoid collision with his other self.
Through Time
During the 20th Century, Team Torchwood,
Three and others were involved in a variety of
events, becoming stronger over time. For exam-
ple: at the time of the British Raj, Torchwood
maintained a branch in Deli, shut down in 1924
after Torchwood wanting Indian Dependence.
Jack was sent to recover all the alien artefacts.
In 1965, Jack was also elected to sacrifice twelve
children to aliens know as the 456, because of
the wavelengths, to save the planet. In 1983,
Torchwood became the proprietor of H.C. Cle-
ments, security firm. They also had a holding
facility that was abandoned in 1995. In 1996, a
“Jathar Sunglider” flew into British airspace and
was shot down by Torchwood. The remains were
placed in an energy weapon in Torchwood One,
and also in UNIT aircraft carrier the Valliant.
A huge turning point occurred on New Year’s
Eve 1999... Leader Alex Hopkins killed all the
members of the Torchwood team to save them

Free Poster
from the 21st Century as this was the turning point of name but a few. But it was when Jack’s brother Gray returned
history. He left Jack Torchwood Cardiff, thus becom- was when Torchwood changed. His evil sibling killed tech
ing its leader. Over the years, Jack employed a variety girl Toshiko Sato and Doctor Owen Harper. This put a scar
of people, who protected the world... But Torchwood on Jack’s Consciences, including the whole team. Now only
Three wasn’t the only one around, by 2006 Torchwood Jack, Gwen and Ianto stood in charge of defending the hu-
was well known to the military and police. Activities man race...
relating to the third Doctor had yet to be revealed.
Harriet Jones knew about them as well as the UN, as Before the 456 incident, the team thought many things
they destroyed the Sycorax Ship with a Jathar Sunglid-such as evil creatures at CERN, trouble in Torchwood Dubai
and many more incidents. But when the 456 incident came,
Torchwood’s fall began. With Torchwood seen as a threat to
2007 saw the first major Torchwood fal . Torchwood the government in this situation, assassins placed a bomb
London, (One,) had created various pieces of software in Jack’s stomach causing the entire hub to explode. After a
and many other such things. However, the fall began gory reform and retreating to London with Rhys Williams,
when a manifestation of “ghosts” appeared on Earth. (Gwen’s Husband,) the team began to sort out the gory 456
The Doctor then came along, that’s when everything mess. Realising the truth, Jack and Ianto entered Thames
changed. Unknown to Torchwood, the breech in two House where Ianto Jones fel . Jack then had to save the world
different universes was down to a void ship, contain- by killing his Grandson. This was when Torchwood ended,
ing the Cult of Skaro, (Daleks.) The ghosts also were as Jack entered space leaving Gwen and Rhys, (excepting a
revealed to be Cybermen. After a ruthless war, Torch- child,) alone.
wood One ended. This is when Ianto Jones comes into
To date, this is all of Torchwood’s history wrapped up. But we
all know that a new chapter is about to open, as Torchwood
Ianto’s girlfriend worked at Torchwood One when it begins to open its doors to America...
fel . She was half converted into a Cyberman, but es-
caped conversion when the Doctor sucked the Cyber-
men into the void. Ianto then approached Torchwood
and became its Coffee Boy. He later hid her in the
Torchwood Basement...
We now turn to the Torchwood we all know: the
dashing hero and his team situated in Cardiff. They’ve
seen a Sex Gas Monster, evil Fairies, a huge abadon
creature, James Masters, Martha Jones, Sleepers to
Words: Matt Powel
Images: DWImage2005
Left: Torchwood Three in
S1 and Two
Above: Children of Earth

The Five
“Anything Torchwood-related?” replied Jack through gritted teeth.
“I can report it smel s like a weevil’s litter tray. There’s nothing here Jack.” she paused and they heard the tinkle of
glass bottles being kicked over, “Judging by the debris, it’s a just wino’s hangout. Can I go clubbing now please?”
A group of valley girls in cheap shoes and boob tubes wobbled past the SUV shouting and eating chips. Jack idly
wondered how they didn’t freeze to death.
Part One “Ianto, what’s your position?”
A Three Part Story by Lisa Moran
“My favourite position Sir?” replied Ianto, crisply. Jack could almost see the expression of calm innocence on his
face, as the rest of the team chortled.
“We’ll wait for you by the car,” whispered Gwen, big eyes frequencies bit in to the air inside the car.
brimming with sorrow. Rhys took her hand. It was a
He’d saved the world, but there was nothing left in it. No
small gathering, everyone dressed in black. Except for
Even louder than the music was Owen himself, “I still
Jack; Jack wore the coat that Ianto loved.
haven’t worked out how come you couldn’t go inside the
home, no family, no team. No Torchwood.
club Captain Come Hither?” he ranted.
Grief and guilt tugged at his consciousness as he watched
them cross the cemetery. Gwen, even after all he’d done,
“Oh stop complaining Owen,” replied Jack, “someone
“I reckon the Tea Boy’s been spending too much
was still taking care of him. Glancing back with a smile
had to be on point and I am best qualified to observe.”
time with the Captain,” laughed Owen. Jack’s
of compassion he knew he didn’t deserve, knowing he
He craned his neck, checking out two passing clubbers,
forehead bunched up tight; Owen could be right.
needed this, and patiently waiting for him, but to take
hands in each other’s back pockets, all tight T-shirts and
Since when did Ianto make sex jokes?
him where? He’d saved the world, but there was nothing
left in it. No home, no family, no team. No Torchwood.
“Where are you Ianto?” he ground out, not liking
“Minnie Mouse just squeezed my left buttock,” Owen
the role reversal.
He forced himself to focus, to make this one moment
belong just to Ianto. He owed him that much. The grave-
“Alleyway. Back of Pinks. This fire door is almost
stone was dignified and precise, just like the man. Always “So blend in, squeeze back.” Jack was only half-joking.
rotted off its hinges, tut tut…” replied Ianto, with-
in our hearts, forever in our thoughts it read. For Jack,
He knew Owen loved being front and centre on missions,
out so much as a hint of derision.
two neatly engraved phrases of savage accuracy. And
the grumbling was all part of the act.
now alone, he allowed those final minutes to replay. Tem-
“Tosh, can you pinpoint the source yet?” Jack
pering the storm enough to embrace what felt like his
Less than an hour earlier the rift monitor had detected a
asked, glancing over his shoulder at her in the
first unclouded thought in days, he pushed everything
large burst of unusual energy which appeared to centre
back seat. He eyed the feed from her station,
else aside and let it engulf him.
on the lower end of street. As the energy dispersed they
showing three moving red dots corresponding to
had narrowed the search area to Pinks and the surround-
Owen, Gwen and Ianto, overlaid with the build-
Feeling Ianto grow heavier in his arms. Touching his face ing two buildings. Jack and Tosh had just endured the
ing plans. The rift energy appeared like a rapidly
as the heat drained from it. Hearing his broken voice
audio version of Ianto and a snarling guard dog in the
reducing cloud over the top.
whisper words of gratitude and of love. And seeing that
shop next door to the club which ended in a yelp they
cut on his cheek that would never have the chance to
weren’t sure had come from the Welshman or the dog.
“It seems to be concentrated at the back of Pinks,”
He swore he’d been forced to use the stun gun or lose his
replied Tosh, “Owen, what’s that room to your
left arm and now he was complaining about teeth marks
on his sleeve.
The comms in the SUV were wide open, reverberat-
“It’s the Gents. Please don’t make me go in there,”
ing sounds around the confined space as Captain Jack
The third building was behind the shop. Gwen’s voice cut
whined Owen, all joy deserting him again.
Harkness conducted three separate arguments with three in over the noise of the club, “Why is he moaning?! He
separate disembodied voices. It was 11pm on a Friday
got the nightclub; I got a smel y warehouse.”
“Owen, go check it out, that’s an order. And be
and the car was parked in a side road off St Mary’s Street.
careful, we don’t want to cause a panic,” said Jack.
Across the road was Pinks, Cardiff’s busiest and loudest
“Anything to report Gwen?” asked Jack, still eyeing up
gay club. The SUV’s internal speakers struggled to cope
cute guys smoking outside Pinks.
“It’s absolutely bonkers in here; I doubt anyone
with the throb of dance music escaping through Owen
would notice a rampaging alien. In fact someone
Harper’s comms from inside the club. In his mirror Jack “I think I’ve trodden in something.”
would probably try and get off with it.”
watched Toshiko’s rapt face wince as the sharpest of the

Gwen Cooper: Hore or

“It may not be a rampaging alien, just look for something
archway had a sign above that read “Toilets this way’ and
There is so much fervour around Gwen in the fan world. Her bravery, compas-
out of the ordinary.”
a growing crowd of disgruntled clubbers being held off
sion, intuition and humour are often all but ignored by the women who watch
Experience had taught them rift surges could mean any-
by one Gwen Cooper. He smiled to himself and shoved
and commentate on Torchwood. I asked them why. What is it about Gwen that
thing from a china tea set to a coma-inducing alien bouncy through them. A blast of cold air came at him through the
makes her so eminently unforgivable?
shattered fire door at the far end of the corridor. Gwen
grabbed his arm, stopping him from going any further.
When Russell T Davies conceived Gwen Cooper he wanted her to be the audi-
“Out of the ordinary?! Well let me see, I’ve got Gwen in my
ence’s point of entry to the whole of Torchwood. We were introduced to this
ear, banging on about tramps piss, there’s a six foot Marilyn “Hang on a second, “she yelled in his ear, over the music.
fantastical, scary, mad world though her innocent eyes. Her incredible journey
Monroe snogging a cowboy to my right, Ianto is wearing
is signposted by significant events; an affair, the murder of boyfriend Rhys, a
Jack raised his eyebrows, “Is that an order, PC Cooper?”
mutiny, a wedding, the loss of close colleagues, becoming pregnant, going on
he replied mildly, removing her hand from his sleeve and
the run, the death of another close friend, then Jack’s devastating departure. In
“I could hardly go to a nightclub in a suit,” Ianto’s voice cut
dropping it like it was contaminated.
31 episodes she goes from ingénue, to linchpin, to soul survivor.
across but Owen ploughed on.
But when asked, the fans responses to Gwen are mixed. Many admired her for
She was doing her bad news face, her police face. He nar-
“bad-ass” status, her humanity and her heroism. Many did not…
“And to cap it al , despite being of undetermined gender, I
rowed his eyes at her quizzical y then they both turned
quite fancy the bartender.”
as a shard of light sliced through the darkened space and
First it was suggested that Gwen is unpopular because she is considered a threat
Owen and Ianto appeared through the opened doorway
to Jack and Ianto’s relationship. It’s undeniable her relationship with Jack is
“Yes Owen, but is there anything unusual?” said Jack,
of the Gents. Jack’s senses began to spike. They were being
complicated. Their ongoing rapport is currently Torchwood’s one remaining
smirking at Tosh.
weird too, not looking at him.
“Okay,” Owen grumbled, “I’m entering the Gents.”
“What?” he said looking from the men back to Gwen,
“I love him, but not in the way I love you.” - Gwen’s forgotten response to Jack
trying out a low level Harkness grin. Owen nodded to
when he asks them all to go back and remember what defines them. (TW S2:
“So to speak,” murmured Gwen.
Gwen, encouraging her to speak but Jack got in first.
Ep.5 Adam) This statement is deliciously ambiguous; a tantalising admission of
love for both Rhys and Jack that actual y reveals nothing.
Suddenly the speakers were straining again as Jack and
“What?” he demanded, “What?!” Amused curiosity gave
Tosh grimaced through a jumble of noises in quick succes-
way to frustration. They were looking at him with some-
The fans other reasons for disliking Gwen were more general; Annoying, self-
sion. Owen’s muffled voice yelling for everyone to get back; thing that might have been…was it suspicion or compas-
righteous, overly nosy, self-absorbed, doesn’t follow instructions, an idiot, never
scrabbling mixed with several frightened shouts; stamping
learns, a whore, never pays for mistakes, has blind compassion without being
feet and then an abrupt, deafening clatter.
aware consequences. As personality flaws, most of these words could be applied
Ianto took a step towards him, “It’s a body,” he said, sud-
to any of the characters in the show at some point.
Owen’s comm-link went silent, no music, no breath sounds, denly looking Jack directly in the eyes. That was enough;
By far their most mentioned reason for not liking Gwen was that she was un-
no background ambience.
Ianto never looked at him like that. Giving them no time
faithful to Rhys.
to react, he dodged past them and in to the Gents.
Gwen’s affair with Owen was unemotional, their connection was physical and
“Owen?! Owen?! Report!” shouted Jack, unbuckling his
intellectual, borne from Gwen’s need to deal with all the freaky things that
seatbelt, “Gwen, Ianto, get in there now!” he ordered, throw- “Jack, wait,” yelled Owen, too late.
were happening to her. It ended badly and Gwen struggled to atone for it. If
ing open the car door.
anything, it cemented her determination to follow Jack’s advice and hold on to
One black-booted foot protruded from the cubicle, the
her life outside Torchwood. But women can be harsh judges of each other and
There was a crunch of wood splitting as Ianto booted the
door of which was lying to one side where Owen had
nothing sharpens a largely female fanbase’s claws better than a strong, heroic
fire door in. Jack was halfway out of the car when Owen’s
snapped it off its hinges. Jack’s eyes travelled up the leath-
female lead character.
breathing came through, gasping almost in time to the re-
er clad leg of the body in its half seated position against
turning beat of the club tunes.
the dividing wal . His heartbeat quicken even before his
From the very first episode Gwen Cooper challenges Torchwood’s core phi-
eyes arrived at the slumped over shoulders and head al-
losophy and wins. She rocks the boat. She is extraordinarily brave in the face of
“Jack? Jack?” he managed, between huffing out empty vowel ready knowing that jaw line, that face. His breath hitched,
mortal danger, (watch her hen-night alien chase though the streets of Cardiff.)
sounds, “Jack Answer me.”
his brain scrabbling to get a grip on what he was seeing…
She never backs away from a fight and she never gives up. Look at her at the
end of COE – when Jack looks as though he’s given up, she is rescuing children
“I’m here, what is it?” There was a pause as Owen struggled The body of Captain Jack Harkness.
from the soldiers. Through all her flaws and mistakes, her passion and commit-
to form words.
ment to defending the Human Race never falters.
RTD sums it up in Torchwood: Declassified “Gwen is what Torchwood has
“Definitely something out of the ordinary.”
To Be
been waiting for, for a century.”
In short – for Torchwood, Gwen Cooper was a game-changer. And what’s not
Jack fought his way through the heaving crowds of club-
to like about that?
bers, trying not to enjoy all the sexy young things press-
ing against him. He found what he was looking for. The
This article was complied based on responses received on the twitter page @

What with her washing her hair and
these kinds of elements. The mysterious
scratching her head with a gun! Tosh
rift murderer has soon found his way Anyway! Our adventure continues
alerts them of an invisible Arkaynian
into Torchwood 4 while Gwen goes to with a humorous sequence between
killing machine solider on the surface. buy pizza for Jack, and then soon into Gwen and Jack through the Torchwood
Don’t forget your underpants! Their ar- a brawl with Jack. Jack is left for dead 4 office window, reminiscent of Doc-
rival sequence cleverly using game play by the now revealed Cyber Assassin/
tor Who’s Series 4 “Partners in Crime”
taken from a Grand Theft Auto game
Time Assassin from the 34th Century. window scene. And speaking of which,
(a trick I might employ myself one
Jack resuscitates (the first instance but it’s nice to have a few more nods to-
day!) in place of real SUV footage, or
not the last we see of this Jack Harkness wards the Time Lord and his travels,
shooting this themselves - clever film-
quality) as Gwen shoots the assassin
referencing “Rose” and even a lovely
makers gotta think of something when dead - which seems surprising given
portrait of the Tenth Doctor, David
you can’t drive! Plus it’s always good
they were brewed in a lab! Must have
Tennant in the background...
to add a bit of car action as the Torch-
been organic and not cybernetic as the
wood SUV does a jump off a building
name suggested.
Gwen and Jack are soon back to the
or cliff and safely onto the road below.
centre of Carlisle to negotiate with the
Jack takes flight above in a helicopter
We are treated with the presumably on reanimated shop window dummies,
to guide Gwen on the surface of the
purpose outtake of Jack falling from his health care always being a bonus when
soldier’s location. But Gwen, having
perch as the Next Time trailer for...
dealing with alien controlled plastic
been faced with something invisible,
people! Rhys arrives and confronts
finds it hard to shoot the thing so Jack Episode Four “Maniscosta”; quality is Gwen on her involvement in Carl-
intervenes. But by the end what is good improving, both with the performances isle, Rhys having arrived via TARDIS.
is the brief “info-dump” given by Jack
of the cast, Daniel and Sian do a great Brushing over these rapid events as the
to Gwen about Torchwood and where
job here as Jack and Gwen, along with trio leave for coffee, we are treated with
they are going from here, some film-
the general video quality - I will pre-
the return of a previously thought dead
makers who follow the TV format
sume with a different camera - this
either do not explain or explain too
episode is much clearer. There is still
much, this comical little bit explains
however an issue with the sound (but And now we’ve come to what we’ve
Review by David Nagel
just enough about the concept to not be being an audio producer I will notice been waiting for, a spoof series almost
too much for the viewer and without
such things!) despite being somewhat forgetting what they were doing and
seeming patronising.
Spoofs, you gotta love ‘em. The “Naked throughout but also takes a life of its own ness and Gwen Cooper running around
better than it was previously, still suffers taking a life of their own with a full on
Gun” series and “Austin Powers” mov- and does not slave to *being* a one-trip a town centre and a road underpass
some clean up that would make in-
story, accumulating the (albeit brief)
Episode Three “Barricade” has more
ies being, in my mind, an immediate pony...
intercut with establishing shots from
stances more audible. I notice however previous episodes. “Smith and the
cast members with the pre-titles seeing
representation of spoofs/parodies of
the TV series. This, albeit brief, episode
Daniel as Jack is very soft spoken and Bomb” now in widescreen, longer and
two victims to Carlisle’s murderous new
the James Bond movies, “Spacebal s” = The first episode of the five episode series sees Gwen and Jack find the long lost
on occasion cannot be heard, this ap-
looking even better than before, clever
arrival, presumably from the Rift? It’s
Star Wars, the “Scary Movie” series = is entitled “Doothcrow” and opens with Torchwood 4. Entirely about running
plying to all episodes so far, not to this snappy editing with ingenious cam-
always good to see how fan film mak-
Scream/general modern Horror mov- the usual Torchwood opening “21st
(gotta love the running) but the pair
one alone.
era angles and ten times better sound
ers work with the lack of cast members
ies. All very good examples but when Century Everything Changes” delivered are soon on the tail of a manic robot
design and use of music (but having
and this time we see two police officers
you get to the nitty gritty of being very here by John Barrowman (as per the TV set on destroying Carlisle (the location
While Jack enjoys his caramel coffee,
three series of the mother series, that is
played by Sian and Daniel, which, to be
distinct about your choice of spoof,
series) with Sian O’Brien and Daniel
of Torchwood 4) Disappointingly, or
the residents of Carlisle are tormented bound to happen) across scenes.
embarrassingly honest, I didn’t notice
trying to parody the likes of BBC TV’s Johnstone playing Captain Jack Hark-
amusingly the manic robot only ends
by the reanimation of shop window
until afterwards! Funny what a wig
Doctor Who or Torchwood, you might
up being a poor little wind up thing
dummies before a civilian is run down We are treated to seeing more represen-
and some spectacles can do! The rift
find it very hard to do in taste, rather
(but sshhh, don’t tell anyone!) but
by a car - driven by a learner no less. It tations of characters’ TV counterparts
murderer is trying to get Jack’s atten-
than ‘taking the mickey’. While Dooth-
fortunately it goes out with a bang... or
is at this point I realise that while this with a new green screen cast member
tion, with an amusing little picture left
crow is very much taking the mickey,
was that fireworks?
series is entitled “Doothcrow” I have
as Tosh - though the ethnicity is a bit
with the body of the pre-titles victim,
this mere reviewer felt it was more
been seeing the titles “Torchwood” in off! Jack’s office expands with more
and is soon seen wondering the streets
tongue-in-cheek with naughty nods
Opening with a mysterious girl-getting-
the title sequence and not batting an
set pieces and a Doctor Who annual,
of Carlisle (I like how vil ains always
towards repetitive narratives as well as
killed-by-unseen-observer, Episode
eyelid that this hadn’t been corrected. also along with the Cyber Assassin’s
pick out on the cities where the heroes
images or actions or mannerisms es-
Two “Hubisode” sees more Torchwood
All due respect to them, recreating
return! [With beard might I add] Or so
are hanging out) before watching the
tablished in the mother series. Parody-
clichés being tackled with comic flair,
these titles while initial y easy to do
I thought! It seems there are duplicates
CCTV - keeping an eye on Torch-
ing is very hard to do - believe me, I’ve
namely Daniel Johnstone’s playing up
could soon be something that may have of Cyber Assassin and this one is here
wood 4 perhaps? Nice to hear UNIT
tried it myself and the less said about
to the Captain Jack being a distance
prevented this series from hitting the
to redeem his brother and warn Jack of
get a name check even though this is
that the better. It’s refreshing seeing
starer with dark motivations and mor-
“youtube” waves - like most fan/student an impending bomb that will kill hun-
common place nowadays but this is a
Doothcrow as it is, it’s a slightly differ-
als that Gwen will never understand,
films, too much time is spent on techni- dreds of people...
welcome relief as some often over do
ent approach to the parody, as it shows
not that Gwen cares in this episode!
cal’s than *getting it done!*

Preview: Time for
The “Children of Earth” saga has taken established mother series. It hasn’t been
its influence out on the production
ground breaking, yes it has its plot holes
team as we are presented with the
or its dead air but it has been nothing but
unique titles (now reading Dooth-
special - something I hope we can see
crow) against white. Unfortunately
again in the future. One has quite taken
the visual effects haven’t improved
to this imitation of Jack and Gwen and
Books have become somewhat extinct over the past few years. With kindles to iBooks being made avail-
much but the point is the impression their approach to recreating one of the
able each day, it does raise the question of are books dying? But they’re not. As we all know the book
it leaves us, to allow our imaginations UK’s newest and challenging sci-fi dramas
market is still very successful, but RTPProductions wants to change that...
to make the decision of what is going of the 21st Century, they were ready and
on ourselves - this being the bomb
they did it.
Coming out this Spring, RTPProductions presents “Time For Change,” the first ever free online Torch-
going off, Jack in its wake. Returning
wood Anthology. The book comprises of eight original short stories, penned by a variety of writers...
to Torchwood 4, Gwen is soon the
David Nagel
“It’s such a brilliant book!” Editor and writer Matt Powell said, “It’s packed with stories from all over
prisoner of the Cyber Assassin as he
Torchwood’s history, featuring a wide range of new and old monsters.”
sets up a bomb.
Doothcrow can be found at
The book was original y only to be written by Matt; however an advert on the interest soon caught
Is this the end of Doothcrow? I hope
plenty of attention... “I’m quite glad it got all of this attention! Without it, I’d go mad!”
Article: David Nagel
Below is a complete overview of the anthology. The free eBook will be available later this Spring.
So it’s the end...
Pictures: Doothcrow
Got a piece of
But I have found this to have been
Torchwood Fandom
Prologue: An event from Time’s gone By (an adaptation of the final scene from Torchwood: COE Day
an enjoyable series. You can see the
technologies and techniques used are
you’d like to share?
Story One: Spaceman (Matt Powell)
improving throughout each episode,
Email us to the ad-
Story Two: Parasite (Matt Powell)
the abilities of the cast shine through
Story Three: Iron Curtain (bluenose)
what was first thought to be ‘another’
dress on the editori-
Story Four: Ethics (Rachel)
bad spoof/piss-take but instead turned
Story Five: Stuck in a Box (Torchwood Forum User)
into something special. I recommend
al for more details!
Story Six: TBA (Person112)
watching this for this sole reason
Story Seven: TBA (docandk9)
alone, to watch a group of film makers
Story Eight: Time for Change (Nikki-B)
increasing confidence of making a film
and following the footsteps of a well
Writer’s names are usernames from various blogs. Full updates will be made available online at http://
Each story reflects on a part of Jack’s
Past, Present and Future...