The Importance of Empowering Knowledge Workers at a Call Center"

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The Importance of Empowering Knowledge Workers at a Call Center

Effective customer service at a call center does not just comprise of effectively managing phone calls, but also
includes empowering the knowledge workers with the required knowledge. Customer service agents interact
with customers directly and they play a vitally significant role in the quality of your customers service
experience. Most of the conventional and routine queries that customers face are handled by customers
themselves via the self service options that are available online. And therefore only complex issues reach an
agent for resolution.
The agent's role has developed into that of an expert knowledge worker. Since customers handle the simple
queries by themselves, they expect agents to have an in-depth knowledge of their specific problem. They
presume the agent to have more information than what's available in the self-help section of the company's
website. And as most companies have various products, these products have numerous complex services
attached. The job of a knowledge worker becomes a very demanding one as they have to be abreast with all
the features and functionalities of the products and services that are offered.
Empowering the Agent with Knowledge
The effectiveness of the service of a call center is dependant on the capability of an agent to do their job well.
This ability therefore affects customer satisfaction, revenue generation, process efficiency. If agents are
unable to find relevant information to solve a customer query, it will lead to customer impatience and
irritation, which will in turn affect the quality of the call. For an agent to be able to perform well, and do their
jobs well, it is essential for these agents to have fast and convenient access to relevant information. This
means that the agents' actual work processes needs to be integrated with the knowledge base. By integrating
the agent desktop with the knowledge base, there is no need review step-action documents and memorize
complex procedures when an agent is unable to recall a the necessary information that is required to help a
customer. With an integrated knowledge management software, agents can have access to the relevant
information pertaining to a customer query, in the context of a call.
With an efficient process-based solution, tasks and information across various systems and knowledge bases
provide agents with the right knowledge in context of the process step. It eliminates the need for agents to
switch between applications and search for solutions. The needed information and choices are presented to
agents in the user interface, thereby enabling the agents to do their jobs efficiently.
Customer experience management can be bettered by empowering the knowledge workers at a call center.
Agents can access the right information promptly and focus on the customer rather than the process by
integrating knowledge bases and system applications with the agent work process.
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