The importance of proper guitar technique

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The importance of proper guitar technique
I always say that the emotional aspect of playing any instrument outweighs
the technical aspects, because music is about communicating and touching
people. We want to be able to express ourselves on the guitar. But, with
that said, it is really the technique that we learn that al ows us to do so.
Some players give a lot of thought to developing good and proper
technique. Others do not bother thinking too much about it and just let
things happen. Some players are absolutely obsessed with it.
I have had many excel ent guitar teachers in my life. The real y cool thing is
that they have al been different and taught me to view guitar playing in
various different ways. The ones that benefited me the most however
where the ones that incorporated a lot of technical aspects into our lessons.
But just what is what is good/proper technique? Is it finger placement, hand
positioning, picking style, posture???
Wel , it is al of the above.

The big chal enge however is implementing that good technique into ones
own personal playing. Everyone hand is different, and the way one person
uses proper technique may actual y differ from another persons although
they share a common goal. This is something that I work a lot on with my
own students. Sometimes we spend a lot of time developing or even
correcting the technical aspects whether it is posture or finger placement or
another element. I believe that with good technical skil s you wil be able to
play anything you want physical y and emotionally.
When you think about it, it's the technique that makes it possible for you to
convey your emotions on the guitar. Things like slides, bends, vibrato,
hammer-ons, pul s-off are can al be used as tools to express yourself. If al
of these elements where omitted Things like slides, bends, vibrato,
hammer-ons, pul s-off are can al be used as tools to express yourself.,
your guitar playing would probably seem quite lifeless.
So it is real y important that you continue to practice using proper technique
and clean it up if necessary.
With good technical abilities your playing wil seem effortless, and it wil be
a lot easier to play physical y demanding parts, riffs and solos. It takes time
and patience to build up good technique, but it is wel worth it in the end.
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