The innovative technology solution for managing your hedge fund ...

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The innovative technology solution for managing your hedge fund business

The innovative technology solution for
managing your hedge fund business
OpenPrimeSM affords you the technology and
▼ Manage multiple prime broker relationships
versatility needed to direct your hedge fund
with individual reconciliations, while
portfolio. Designed to meet the needs of funds
interacting daily with your fund administrator
of every size, OpenPrime is the powerful,
▼ Various options to meet the unique needs
flexible and accessible solution for portfolio
of a wide spectrum of managers based on
and order management.
size, location, and strategy
I. Powerful
OpenPrime is an open architecture solution
OpenPrime is provided in a neutral and secure
that provides secure end-to-end capabilities,
operating environment through Citi’s Global
including trade routing, order and portfolio
Transaction Services. Easily accessible via an
management and accounting. OpenPrime
Internet connection, OpenPrime relieves you
manages positions across all regions, markets,
of the need to further invest in technology and
asset classes and currencies. Using this
support staff to manage an operating system.
solution allows you to:
The technology is completely managed by
▼ Stay competitive with a comprehensive
Citi and provides you with the confidence of
view across legal vehicles, sectors and
knowing that disaster recovery procedures are
counterparties, with immediate updates of
in place to protect your data.
every trade and price change
In addition, there is proactive delivery and
▼ View multiple strategies and positions
monitoring of the platform by dedicated Citi
covering a complete spectrum of asset
staff and we manage any software upgrades
classes from equities, derivatives, swaps,
to the system, providing your staff any training
fixed income, foreign exchange to OTC
that they may need. Allow Citi to maintain the
technological infrastructure for your business:
structured products
▼ Capture details of each position with rich
▼ Complete independence from your Prime
trade entry screens and “slice and dice”
Brokers and Executing brokers
your portfolio to understand P&L drivers,
▼ Access to your entire portfolio with just
exposures, etc. with real-time pricing
a computer and Internet connection so
▼ Meet regulatory and investor expectations
you stay informed across multiple office
for operational robustness
locations and have access on the road
II. Flexible
▼ Reduced operating costs as you minimize
complexity and reallocate resources to
OpenPrime offers multiple features and rich
your primary objective – investing and
functionality that enable you to choose the
capital raising
solutions that are optimal for your organization:
▼ A truly global OpenPrime team, with local
▼ Connect directly to multiple executing
staff in North America, Europe and Asia to
brokers or execution systems
take your fund live and provide you with
the ongoing support you need

OpenPrime — one platform, four powerful capabilities:
Portfolio Management, Portfolio Analytics and Reporting,
Trade Routing and Portfolio Accounting
Fix Routing to DMA, DSA destinations
Trade Routing

View trades and manage FIX

Interact effectively with
multiple prime brokers and
your fund administrators.
Pre/Post-Trade Allocations
Dynamic Portfolio slicing:
— Using 200+ fields

Real-Time Portfolio Analytics
— By book, strategy, position

Analyze portfolios across
different dimensions; by fund,
by book and by strategy.
View real-time actual P&L
(not just flash) and risk
exposures by strategy,
position or legal vehicles.
Real-Time Profit and Loss

Rich Trade Capture

Invest in an extensive range
of asset classes across
different currencies.
Manage your consolidated
Interest Rate Swaps
book of business across
time — access to historical
Differentiated Profit & Loss Reports

at your fingertips
▼ View flexible and configurable
▼ Manage accounting with a
general ledger and engines
for tax lot and trading ledger
— access to intra-day P&L.

Talk to Citi about OpenPrimeSM:
OpenPrime is offered to hedge funds
For both new launches and existing
through Citi’s Global Transaction
funds, the challenges are multiple
Services, a leading provider of services
and complex — requiring ongoing and
to investment professionals worldwide,
simultaneous attention to everything
including managers of hedge funds,
from fine-tuning your investment
mutual funds, closed end funds and
strategy and staying on top of market
separately managed accounts.
trends to maintaining a smooth running
business on a day-to-day basis. Citi’s
OpenPrime is a direct window to Citi’s
single goal as your partner is to integrate
fully integrated Hedge Fund Services
value-added products and services that
meet and surpass your needs.
▼ Middle Office
For more information about OpenPrime
▼ Fund Administration
services, please contact your Citi
▼ Prime Brokerage
representative or call us:
▼ Cash
▼ Custody
North America: +1.866.517.0822
▼ Securities Lending
E-mail us:
[email protected]
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