The insider’s guide to a crash course in driving

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What is a crash course in driving?
A Crash Course in Driving is a short intensive driving course (though rather unfortunately named!).
Instead of taking your driving lessons one hour per week over the course of several months, you can
take them all consecutively, condensed into as little as a few days or to a couple of weeks.
What types of crash courses are there?
Crash courses are available for those with quite a bit of experience who just want to brush up on
their skills before they take their test, or who have failed a test and want some intensive instruction
before their next attempt. These courses might last around ten hours, spread over a couple of days
and will mostly be recapping what you already know.
For complete beginners you can have crash courses with thirty to forty hours of instruction spread
over one to two weeks. The course covers the complete DVSA syllabus, but is condensed into
several hours driving per day for the duration of the course.
Many crash courses include your first practical driving test fee
Is a crash course a good idea?
A crash course isn’t for everybody. All that intensive driving can be exhausting, and if you are
struggling you don’t have time to consolidate or put things in perspective. They also don’t give the
opportunity to practice driving in a range of weather conditions, and since they are tailored to
getting you through your test, you are unlikely to get much practice on road types that you won’t
encounter in your test.
They are excellent if you need to learn to drive in a short time, for example because you need to
drive for work. A short crash course is also a great idea if you have plenty of experience and just
need to brush up on your skills before your test. An advantage is that because you are driving for
several days in a row you don’t have time to forget your new skills between lessons, which means
that you aren’t spending time recapping what you learnt last week, so in theory you may need fewer
hours of lessons.
How it works:
You’ll usually start off with an assessment lesson. During this lesson the instructor will find out
more about your current level of driving. Together you’ll then be able to decide whether a crash
course is right for you, whether the driving instructor suits you, and estimate how many hours of
instruction you’ll need. Usually you’ll then request a driving test appointment through the driving
school, and once you have the date of your test, your course will be booked in for the days leading
up to your test date. This way you go through the course and finish with an immediate test.
Your course will cover all aspects of driving, just as you would with conventional lessons, only this
time the lessons are condensed together into a much shorter time-frame. You will still go over car
control, manoeuvres and road craft, and will experience practice runs on the driving test route.
At the end of the course you will take your test in the car you have used for your lessons, and
hopefully you’ll pass. You’ll have become a driver in as little as two weeks!
To book your Crash Course in Driving in Glasgow phone 0141 764 1213 now.