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Dress To Impress

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Are you getting ready for an event? A gathering or just some party perhaps? Then
you might be wondering what you should wear for that occasion. A lot of girls are
picky in terms of fashion dressing and their overall get-up.

Of course everyone wants to look
presentable in any occasion. there are
even those who aim to be head-turners.
Some of them resort to mimicking the
styles of famous celebrities and bodycon
dresses are one of the favourites.

But dressing to impress is not just all
about wearing the latest trends or
sporting designer items. It is also very
important that you be able to make the dress fit in to your body type and skin
tone and above all, the occasion. The following are some of the latest dress trends
and some tips in sporting them:

1. The bodycon dress-if you want things hot, this dress will surely accentuate your
figure. Some of the sexiest Hollywood stars are seen with this dress. This type
would look good on girls with curves. It's a great way for them to flaunt what they
have. This dress comes in plains and various prints. Just make sure it matches
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your image and the occasion for that day. One good thing about it is that it can be
worn at any time of the day.

2. Jumpsuits-there are some who find jumpsuits quirky or weird but when worn
right, it can make you look amazing. This is a blast from the past style. And it
might fade again soon so you have to grab the chance to wear it. This works really
well for tall and slender figures. The lose cut paves
the way for hiding the missing curves in skinny
body types. But those who are on the heavier side
would have a hard time pulling this style off.

3. Maxi-dresses- along with the jumpsuit, maxi-
dresses are now coming back in trend. But when it
comes to versatility the maxi dress has a big plus.
Even those with curvy figures can pull off a maxi dress. Those that lack a little bit
of height can also fake it by wearing platforms, or killer heels to make it appear as
if they're tall. The faking is well camouflaged by the length of the dress.

Take note however that this list is not exclusive. Don't miss out on the classics
which will always be included as stylish dressing.
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