The Love Spirits – The Little Girls who came from the Stars

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The Love Spirits
The Little Girls who came from the Stars
Marcos Aragao Correia
© 2012 Marcos Aragao Correia
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Note from the Author
_ove is the most beautiful and powerful force in the entire world!
These very true words were pronounced by Kami to the satanic
witch defeated moments before by a large group of wonderful Love Spir-
its. The marvelous union between all the Love Spirits, based on their
affinity with values of absolute Love, brought their much needed victory
into effect, once again proving that, even at the last minute, Love will
always prevail. All Love Spirits are wonderfully replete with Love, and
their consequent spiritual beauty gives them immense pleasure and
extra motivation to protect each other fiercely. An enormous difference
indeed from the sprits that chose to reject Love! But it is in the hands
of the malevolent spirits, and their hands alone, to choose the other
way, the way of true and eternal happiness and bliss. Anyone can
become Love; it’s just a matter of the individual wishing it truly and
intensely with all his or her heart, regretting all the evil done by action
and omission. Becoming Love is thus an exclusively individual choice,
based on the Spirit beginning to really love Love. It must be an eternal
decision, otherwise it’s not true love for Love, since true Love is eternal.
Love Spirits do not retrograde; the decision to become Love is done only
once. This decision, to be valid, must be not only free and informed, but
also absolute and eternal, using individual free will. The Spirit must
want to be Love forever, otherwise it will not be accepted; if a spirit is
not sure about wanting to be Love forever, this means that the spirit
does not truly love Love. If a Spirit really loves Love, he/she loves Love