The Many Different Types of Murphy Beds

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The Many Different Types of
Murphy Beds
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By Richard Abbey
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Use Murphy Beds and Save Space
Sometimes there just isn't enough room in your home to install a second bed. Whether you have a
large number of guests staying by or you just want to have the option of allowing someone to spend the
night, it is a good idea to have a second bed. The problem with this, however, is without the second
bed, your guests are left sleeping on the couch or the floor. If you want to give them a different option,
you can opt into a murphy bed. In Arizona, you probably aren't going to have a basement, so there isn't
very much space to space a standard bed, but the murphy bed allows you to use a current room and
add a bed that is at your disposal when you need it, but when you don't need it you are able to simply
push it back into the space and return the room to its original design.
Murphy wall beds in Arizona is a bed that folds right into the wall. There is an opening cut into the
wall, and the bed, attached by hinges, pulls up into the bed. The bottom of the bed looks just like a
door, so when it folds up into the wall, it basically looks like a wood panel door in the side of the wall,
with a pull down apparatus installed at the top, so you can just gently pull down the bed to the floor.
The Different Sizes of Murphy Beds
Murphy beds come in several different sizes, where you can find a bed ranging anywhere form a twin size all
the way up to the king. Generally, these murphy wall beds are closer to the twin or full sized beds, because
there isn't as much support under the mattress (no box spring or other support), which is generally required for
the larger mattresses.
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On top of it all, the larger mattresses are heavier to pull down and you don't want to strain your back when you
pull it down to the ground. Of course, this is up to your discretion and it is important to select the size of bed
you best want for the room.
The Different Types of Beds
These beds can fold into just about anything. There are the traditional beds that fold into a wall.
However, there are new beds that fold into entertainment centers and even a book shelf, so you don't
have to more material out of the way when you fold the bed up. With many of these beds, guests may
never know there is actually a bed in place.
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