The Moon

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The Phases of the Moon

The moon revolves around the Earth with an approximate distance of 382,400
Kilometers. One lunar month pertains to 30 days, which is the number of days it takes
from one new moon to another. Within this lunar month, the moon encompasses all these
different phases. Just the same as the earth, the moon is half lighted by the Sun while its
other half experiences total darkness. These phases were caused by the angle made by
the moon with the sun as it rotates while orbiting the earth.

Moon is seen only
because the sun rays reflect
back to the earth from its
surface. Half of the moon
is always lit by the Sun,
but this lighted side does
not face the earth all the
time. As the moon circles
the earth, the
changes and only the
lighted part is seen. These
changes are what we call
the Phases of the moon and
it occurs for twelve (12)
lunar months to complete one (1) earth revolution. This completes one (1) whole year.

During the phase of the New Moon, the moon is aligned just in between the Sun
and the Earth. We only get to see one side of the moon and it is not lighted. In other
words, we do not see the Moon at all since the lit side phases the Sun and the dark side
phases the earth. There are moments when the Moon gets accurately lined up with the
Sun. This occurrence is what we call the Eclipse.

When the moon goes to the east side, it moves away from the Sun. As this point we
see a bit more of the lit side of the Moon. Just a couple of days from the New Moon
Phase, a thin crescent can be seen in the Western part of the night sky. This thin crescent
continues to expand until it looks to have grown bigger. At the time when half of the
moon is already lighted, the current moon phase is called Quarter Moon. The name
implies that the Moon is just about a quarter away from the beginning of the lunar month.
As we see it from Earth, we can now see the sunlit side of the Moon from off to the side.

As time pass, the moon continues to wax until the half circle of the moon is lighted.
It now carries the shape that we call gibbous. This so called gibbous moon looks to grow
fatter and fatter every night until the time we see the full view of the lighted moon. The
moon is now on its Full Moon Phase. The moon is now half way its lunar month.

As the moon reached the half of the lunar month, it shall start to appear thinner each
night. The time it takes until it reaches the New Moon Phase again is called the waning.
At this point, the shape of the moon is still gibbous however, as said; it is expected to
grow thinner and thinner each coming night. The moon will then reach its third quarter
point of rotation and the Moon will once again show its one illuminated side. The side
that appeared dark during the first quarter is now the lighted part. The Moon shall go on
its journey until it reaches its New Moon Phase again.

Understanding the Lunar Cycle - The Moon's
Astrological Signs

Some people base their
everyday lives on astrology
signs. They believe that
astrology affects their moods
and everyday decision making.

As they say, the lunar cycle
symbolizes the emotional
fruition for the whole month.
New Moon takes place when
the sun and moon are of same
sign and implies the union of
solar and lunar energies. This
occurrence is used to determine
the growth point of one's

Full moon entails awareness of
the qualities we can focus on to help us be nurtured. Scientifically speaking, full moon
happens as the Sun and moon oppose one another. It is believed that every full moon we
are given an opportunity to develop a new quality within our consciousness. It is advised
to carry out deepening self-nurture during full moon.

Moon in relation to
Astrological Signs

Moon - Aries

The Relation of Moon in
Aries implies us to speak
daringly about our desires
to achieve emotional
fulfillment. Moon in Aries
encourages us to fully
determine those desires in
order for us to present
ourselves in totality and be
at our best with others. People relationship entails truthfulness and only when we are
perfectly nurtured and emotionally defined that we can be our true selves. In this position
of Moon and Aries our will is being activated. So if you are working on a certain project
it is advised to use the Aries moon energy to get that motivation you need.

Moon - Taurus
Moon in Taurus emphasizes on paying attention on what our body needs. It makes you
internalize when was the last time you did something to relieve stress. When was the last
moment you had your spa? Use this relation of moon in Taurus to take note on your
needs for feeling, sensuality and physical nurturing and enhancement. It is the time to
relieve your body stress.

Moon - Gemini

The moon in Gemini entails nurturing one's self through connecting with people. It
signifies a great time to be spreading and receiving facts and other information. It is the
time to attend different classes to broaden your knowledge.

Moon - Cancer

Moon in Cancer determines ideas on how to nurture the nurturer. It brings awareness on
how to deal with our own needs. The moon in Cancer helps you discover what satisfies
your indulgence.

Moon - Leo

This is the time to have fun. Bring out the inner child in you. Be creative and lively in
everything you do.
Moon - Virgo
The connection of moon in Virgo focuses on health. It signifies our needs to take care of
our body. Enhance diet, promote healing and bring powerful results to your body.
Moon - Libra
Moon in Libra promotes balance and harmony with your loved ones. It calls our needs
for intimacy and challenges our awareness of our vulnerability. It is teaches to consider
both the needs of others and ourselves.
Moon - Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio aids in deepening primary bond with our loved ones. We have to let go
of the fear of abandonment and express our desire and intense emotion.

Moon - Sagittarius

This is the time to feed on our spiritual needs. Formulate a vision of your life. Be
Moon - Capricorn
Moon in Capricorn creates awareness on emotional safety and security. Wake up and
challenge your inner self-sufficiency. Secure the knowledge needed to have a more
focused life.
Moon - Aquarius
Moon in Aquarius helps us not to be too much inclined on emotions in a positive manner.
It helps us to present our totality to others without taking for granted the uniqueness of
our own selves.
Moon - Pisces
Moon in Pisces completes the Moon's revolution among all the astrological signs. It
signifies the thought of giving up selfishness to be fully integrated. As this determines
the end of the process, it is expected to fully let go emotionally. At this point you are
expected to have developed the wholeness of your personality inside and out. You are
already full grown emotionally, spiritually and mentally by the end of the Moon Cycle.

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