The Most Efficient Way to Speed up Boot Time

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The Most Efficient Way to Speed up Boot Time
Who would not want to optimize Windows performance? Optimize Windows is a
challenge. In this article I want to explain steps to change a slow PC into a fast
computer. The basic steps to improve your PC's performance steps are:
Often a slow computer is caused by lack of maintenance on the PC.
Windows is paramount to accelerate a clean PC errors and garbage and that is
working with the latest drivers and Windows updates. A computer with poor
maintenance will always have problems.
Windows Registry: The Brain and the operating system responsible for system
configuration, errors in record always cause many problems.
System drivers: are responsible for the hardware to work properly

Hard Disk: is responsible for saving data and is used as virtual memory
All these elements can be damaged and affect in a bad performance of your PC. As
explained before, the first step is to optimize Windows to ensure that the key
elements are clean and functioning properly. Occasionally clean the registry, update
drivers and control the system, usually by viruses with antivirus software, are
examples. Because the Windows registry is the brain of the system, each error will
generate problems in the registry. The registry is a very sensitive and easy to
damage element. If you have problems with your computer, I recommend you to do
a control and cleaning with a registry cleaner. A registry cleaner is a tool that
identifies problems with the Windows registry and has the ability to repair the
Optimize windows you want to clean and repair computer automatically, there is
software that can help you with this. Such as PC Health Advisor a program that, in
addition to clean, optimize the performance and stability of your PC. To get more
detailed information about how to clean your computer, I recommend you read the
article: Clear PC.
Microsoft Windows is an operating system that has to serve several users of a PC.
Windows has to be useful to an expert in computers, such as a software developer,
that equal to users who only use a computer to browse internet. Logically, a
software developer needs many more features and services than a normal user. It is
service that a normal user will never use. And then comes the tuning of Windows:
Change settings to disable processes and services that do not use to accelerate
Windows. Speed up Boot Time