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book. Contents
The Basics
Well, Hello!
Basic Hair Care
Hair Types
Terminology and Tools
Basics Techniques
The Styles
Basic French Braid
Rope Braid
Alternative Braid
Falling Bohemian Twist
Bohemian Crown
Braided Crown
Braided Ponytail
Chinese Staircase Stitch
French Braided Topknot
Waterfall Braid
Double Braids
Milkmaid Braids
Dutch Braids
Dutch French Braid
Lace Braid
Dutch Braided Headband
Side Dutch Braid
Princess Braids
Double-Dutch Pigtail Braids
Side Fishtail
French Fishtail
Red-Carpet Style
Elegance Swept to the Side
Half-Up Fishtail
Fishtail Bun
Fishtail Side Bun
Crisscross Ponytail
Formal Ponytail
Waterfall Ponytail
The Perfect Ponytail
Twisted Chignon
Twisted Updo
Waterfall Updo
Twisted Bohemian Updo
Simple Headband Updo
Crisscross Half-Up
Crisscross French Twist
Fast Messy Bun
Three-Banded Bun
French Braided Messy Bun
French Braided Pompadour
Braided Ballerina Bun
Rope Bun
Knotted Bangs
Hair Bow
Knotty or Nice
Celtic Knot
Half-Up Hair Bow
Twisted Halo
Waterfall Twist
Waterfall Flower
Bohemian Twist Ponytail
Twisted Together
Topsy Tails
Simple Topsy Tail
Topsy Tail Faux Fishtail
Dutch Braided Topsy Tail
Topsy Tail Chignon
Layered Topsy Tails
Wrapped Ponytail
Topsy Tail Messy Bunp
Topsy Tail High Bun
About the Author The Basics