The Parent-Dentist Connection: Making Your Child’s Visits to the Dentist Easier

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The Parent-Dentist Connection: Making Your Child's Visits to the Dentist Easier
As a parent, your first and foremost role is to reassure your child that the dentist is not only a safe
and friendly place, but also an important place to learn how to maintain good oral health. This
means taking action both before and after your visit in the following way:

Providing an Overview - You should tell your child what to expect, but shouldn't complicate
the visit. Keep things to the point so that there are no unexpected surprises or breakdowns
once you get to the office.

Avoid Negative Words - Don't create negative expectations by sharing your own dental
anxieties or using words that will make your child expect pain or discomfort. Instead, focus
on the positives and remain calm.
Kid-Friendly Dental Care:
One of the greatest assets offered by your pediatric dentist in Irvine is
their ability to provide necessary oral care in a friendly, calm
environment. Pediatric dentists have at least 2 years of additional
training, meaning that they offer premier expertise and accommodations
for your child through:

Friendly Communication - Pediatric dentists use positive body
language, personable tone and engaging conversation to create an
environment that puts the child at ease and comfortable so he or she can
stay for any necessary treatments.

Simple Demonstrations - Typically, your dentist will demonstrate
treatment on a doll or maybe even on you before performing on your
child. This also helps calm your child down while explaining things in a
simple way.
Crystal Dental Centers is your resource for outstanding pediatric care
premised on friendliness and providing a comfortable, enjoyable
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