The primary driver of growth for forest land management market is the rising global demand for wood and timber.

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Forest Land Management Market
By Industry (Construction, Pulp & Paper, Timber, Others) By Property (Plantations,
Hunting Tracts, Timberland, Others), By Services (Investment, Reforestation,
Recreation, Others) And By Geography: Forecast 2015 - 2020
Report Code : AGR 0012
Forest Land Management comprises of activities regarding maintenance and management of forest land such
as forest management plans, firewood and timber sales maintenance of appropriate records, wildlife
management, reforestation and recreation services.
Global timber trade is undergoing several changes because of implementation of various laws, in U.S., Europe
and Australia that aim to investigate the legality of forest products before their sale and trade. U.S banned
illegally obtained timber from trading through its Lacey act 2008. Similar legislations have been passed by
European Timber Regulation and Australia’s Illegal Logging Prohibition act. This makes certification a
requirement for various timber management industries and the ones with certification can have an edge in a
restricted market place.
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Report Description:
The demand for wood is ever increasing with wide array of applications supported by latest
technologies in bioenergy, biofuels and bio-materials. Technological advances have revolutionized
the traditional markets such as wood chips for pulp and paper industry, sawlogs and lumber for
housing and construction industry, and feature timbers for furniture, flooring and appearance-
grade uses.
The growing population and rapid urbanization of developing regions in APAC such as China, India
and others support demand for timber market. These are dynamic, high-growth markets which
offer tremendous scope for Forest land Management Market. Market size and forecast are
provided for each of these regions. A detailed qualitative analysis of the factors responsible for
driving and restraining growth of the Global Forest Land Management Market and future
opportunities are provided. The report identifies many such insights and M&A opportunities,
besides providing a detailed analysis of the Forest Land Management market.
Americas, including the North, Central and South American regions possessed the largest forest
cover in 2010, followed by Europe, including EU and Russia. Africa holds the third place in the
world’s forest area, followed by the APAC region.