The Principles That Govern Social Interaction

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This book is dedicated to all the embarrassed and
frustrated men around the world. Your failures became
the impetus for seeking a competent understanding of
social interactions. You did not fail in vain.
Special thanks to Dr. LeDice who brought much
needed clarity to this work. Without him, this would
still be just a jungle of disjointed ideas.
And thank you to all the students at Manhood
 
 
Some Symptoms 10
How To Spot A Serial Killer 11
Why are you like this? 13
 
What Does The Term “Bitch” Really Mean? 18
 
An Attitude of Entitlement 20
Women Shielded From Sexual Accountability 22
An Unfair Sexual Advantage 26
An Unfair Economic Advantage 28
“Equal Rights” Vs. Equal Representation of Interests 31
How Feminism Destroys Chivalry 34
 
The Victim Mentality 36
Women Encouraged To Deceive 36
Females Encouraged to Neglect Their Gender Roles 42
Over-emphasizing Male Functions 44
 
The Demonization of Men 46
Demonizing Male Sexuality 46
Dating Incompetence 47
The Cycle of Emasculation 49
Lack of Men’s Resources 52
The Failure of Men’s Rights Leadership 53
 
How Feminism Ruins Relationships 54
The Feminist State Replacing The Function of Men 56
Where Dating “Experts” Go Wrong 57
The “Game” of Social Interaction 59
The Nice Guy 61
The Player 66
 
Society Not Allowing The Examination of Feminism 67
Faulty Logic Due to Social Conditioning 68
Recognizing The Problem And Changing Our Approach 70
Why Your Social Interactions Fail 70
 
No Direction 71
Can’t Lead A Woman 72
Irresponsible Passive Behavior 72
Can’t Make A Decision 72
Passive-aggressive 72
Nobody Listens To You 72
Unrealistic Expectations 73
Poor Expression 73
Can’t Get Your Needs Met 73
Girls Take Advantage of You 73