The Process of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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The Process of Custom Plastic Injection Molding
The process of Custom Plastic Injection molding produces large quantity of parts consisting of
high quality with optimum accuracy and time. This entire process is one of the most common
methods used in the industrial and engineering industry.
Modern plastics are widely used today. The well-known technique called insert molding micro
molding or plastic injection molding is an efficient process of converting plastics into many
useful products that we use daily.
What is Custom Plastic Injection Molding Process?
Plastic initially in the form of granules is melted and processed until it becomes soft. This
molten plastic is then injected to fill the mould under high pressure. Once the entire plastic
molding has been sufficiently cooled enough, the mould is then opened and the parts are
removed. The final result is intended for the mould to copy the exact shape. To form another
shape, the mould is closed and the entire process is repeated again.
Plastic Injection Molding Process

Custom plastic injection molding is the most widely used methods of transposing plastics from
raw materials to form materials which are used for different purposes. Normally, this process is
mainly used for thermoplastic materials which are successively reshaped, melted and cooled
during the process. Because in most cases the engineering thermoplastic parts are formulated
by the injection molding process, it is imperative for the designer to comprehend the

capabilities and limitations of the entire process.

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This is a versatile method of producing high quality components at high speed and on fully
automated basis. These injection molded components is an important functional feature in
almost every manufacturing industry. Discussed below are few more steps involved in this
entire process. We also provide customized injection molding service for plastic parts.
Steps Involved in the Process of Injection Molding
* Clamping: Clamping is the component where the fixed and moving platens of the
injection molding machine bears the mold tool carefully together under high pressure.
* Injection: In this part of the process, the molten plastic that is melted from the pellet is
formed in the barrel of the machine. All this activity is performed under high pressure
into the mold.
* Dwelling: Once the molten plastic is injected into the mold, high pressure is then
applied to the same mold to make sure that all cavities are filled properly.
* Cooling: After performing all the above, the components are then set aside to solidify
and cool down into the mold.
* Opening: The components are opened by shifting the moving platen away from the
fixed platen. They are completely separated from the mold tool.
* Ejection: This is the final step of the process. The exposure time of closing the mold to
ejecting the finished plastic component takes place in this cycle.
To transform plastic materials into usable shapes, several techniques of plastics such as
Injection molding, compression molding, insert molding micro molding, custom plastic injection
molding, transfer molding, thermoforming, blow molding, and blown film has been developed
in the market. Each of these methods requires specific skills and expertise.

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