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The Rainmaker in the
Advocacy and
Philanthropic World
environmental groups
have focused their
fundraising on getting
donors more involved in
"places that matter" and
showing them the impact
of their gifts, said
Maurice Aguirre, co-
founder and principal for
a firm that provides
management consulting
for nonprofits, including
environmental organizations.
Recognizing that the environment is "visually
compelling", Maurice Aguirre said, environmental
organizations also are providing donors and prospective
donors with images of "what's at stake in terms of nature,
and also what some of the threats are."
And those groups are using traditional and digital media
to reach a broad range of constituents.
At the end of the day, and not just for environmental
groups, you're really looking at a multi-channel integrated
strategy for how you're going to engage your constituents,
Maurice Aguirre said.
Certain strategies resonate more with some groups than
others. But it's having full
portfolios of ways to engage people that can be so