The Resale and Purchase of Networking Equipment at Super Sellers

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The Resale and Purchase of Networking Equipment at Super Sellers
The supersellers are the buyers of new as well as used data center systems and storage equipment
that is not required to you. They will pay you the fair market value for your data center equipment.
They always buy used and off lease servers, storage and technology assets and basically focuses on
servers like DELL, Sun Oracle and storage systems like EMC, Netapp, and Equallogic. The companies
buy small and large quantities of equipment and pay immediately.
What are the types of networking equipment are purchased and sold by Supersellers?
They have extensive range of refurbished sun server .They purchase and sell networking equipment
like oracle sun servers, EMC storage systems, Equallogic storage, etc. The type of servers they opt
for are Sun SPARC T5-4 which has four 16 core, Sun SPARC T5-2, Sun X4-2 which has two 12 core
processor, Sun T4-4, Sun T4-2, Sun Netra T4-2, etc. The EMC storage system includes EMC VNX7
600, EMC VNX5800, EMC VNX5600, EMC VNX5400, etc. which has the raw capacity of more than
500TB. The Equallogic storage has lot of varieties ranging from Equallogic PS6100XV, Equallogic
PS6100S, Equallogic PS6500E, etc.
How can you sell your equipment with a good pay?
The Supersellers are the buyer of decommissioned as well as off lease server, storage arrays,
networking equipment. Irrespective of the number of servers, they are interested in all type of
servers. They buy networking instruments in large as well as small lot. They also buy
decommissioned data center systems, and used data center equipment that is no longer used by
you. The payment is fast and they take the responsibility of arranging shipping. They owe the
reputation to offer you high payment for new and old networking equipment.
What types of offers are provided to you if you buy a product from Supersellers?
The Supersellers offers products that are packed property for air shipment in custom built shipping
cartons with glued foam. They send you carton through express delivery to ensure that your items
arrive rapidly and are well protected. The boxes for freight transport are packed in hex comb boxes
so that no harm is caused to your item ordered.
The Supersellers provide you with new and reconditioned items such as used emc storage, sun
servers, etc. at affordable price. The equipment is guaranteed for maintenance agreement as well as
standard ninety warranty. They also buy your used networking equipment.