The SF Skandia movie theatre was created by architect Sven Asplund ...

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Willard Ringstrand (1908-73), in white tails, at the
Wurlitzer organ in the Skandia theatre in the 1950s.
Private photo lent by Annalisa Ringstrand.

The SF Skandia movie theatre was created by architect Sven Asplund and
opened in 1923. In 1926 a Wurlitzer organ was installed.
In the sixties the theatre was rebuilt and renamed into Look, and the organ was
torn out. Most of its components were dumped inside the resonance tunnel of the
Stockholm City Hall organ, in the attic, possibly for spare parts use. The console
was deposited with the State Music Museum.

The Skandia theatre is still in operation as a SF (Svensk Filmindustri) combined
cinema and conference venue. As common these days there are tight financial
conditions prevailing between the tenant SF and the property owner
Hufvudstaden that expects a lease matching the market. So presently there is
little hope the Skandia organ could be re-installed at its original place.
But the dream would be the creation here of a national scene for silent film.

The art decorations of Skandia, here admired by members of the prospective society of
Skandia Organ friends, were done by artists Hilding Linnqvist, Leander Engstöm, Alf
Munthe, Stig Blomberg, Einar Forseth, Ivar Johnsson and Nils Engberg. Skandia with
its 572 seats is one of very few single screen theatres remaining in Stockholm.

The stage and the entrance doors to
balcony boxes in the present appearance
of the Skandia Theatre

The projection room houses modern equipment beside an antique UFA gong,
here operated by Tommy Lundgren

A few of the concerned Skandia Organ friends, meeting 2005-08-25.
Left to right: Johan Liljencrants, Hans Riben, Gunnar Julin, Tommy Lundgren, Jan
Bergman, Arild Jägerskogh, Bengt Modin, Eric Prame, Dag Edholm.

Tommy Lundgren and Gunnar Julin behind the console in the Music Museum stores.
Photo Arild Jägerskogh.

The Skandia organ remnants were brought to attention a few years ago, as they
blocked a forthcoming restoration of the City Hall organ. The society
Skandiaorgeln was formed, with the aim of restoring the Skandia organ.

More Skandia parts in the City Hall attic