The simplest, most effective email protection for Mozilla Thunderbird

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The simplest, most effective email protection
for Mozil a Thunderbird™
key FeaTures
and beneFiTs
Cloudmark desktop™ offers unmatched protection against spam,
phishing and e-mail-borne viruses all in one simple plug-in for mozil a
Unparalleled Accuracy
Cloudmark blocks more than 98 per-
thunderbird. Cloudmark desktop integrates advanced spam blocking
cent of all spam, phishing and virus
features into your thunderbird e-mail client, giving you the power to
attacks from reaching your e-mail
stop spam and other unwanted messages from clogging your inbox.
inbox with near-zero false positives.
Real-time Response
the CloudmArk AdvAntAge
Cloudmark has the unique ability
Cloudmark Desktop is the easiest-to-use, most accurate spam filter in the mar-
to block new spam and phishing
ket today1. Cloudmark Desktop blocks more than 98% of unwanted messages in all
messages just moments after the
languages and formats by using a unique combination of Advanced Messaging Fin-
outbreak based on feedback from
gerprinting™ and real-time feedback from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network, a
trusted reporters.
community of 200 million users around the world.
Language-Agnostic Spam
Cloudmark’s Advanced Message Fin-
gerprinting algorithms block of spam
Cloudmark Desktop installs in minutes
Cloudmark Desktop blocks spam in all forms
in all languages.
and requires no configuration.
and formats, including image, PDF and foreign-
language spam.
Streamlined Interface
Cloudmark Desktop shows up cleanly
Cloudmark Desktop traps more than
on your Thunderbird toolbar as a sin-
98% of all abusive e-mail messages -
Using unmatched intelligence, Cloudmark pre-
gle button with drop-down options.
with near-zero false positives.
cisely detects and blocks phishing e-mails before
they reach your inbox.
Feedback Buttons
You have the power to prevent receiv-
ing future spam by simply pressing
The lightweight plug-in is part of your
“Block” or save messages in the spam
e-mail toolbar and does not slow down
Cloudmark provides the first line of defense
folder by pressing “Unblock”.
your computer’s performance.
against e-mail-borne viruses and variants. It de-
tects new threats within minutes of outbreak so
“My Rating”
AwArd winning
that your inbox and computer are protected.
Cloudmark displays your trust rating
Cloudmark Desktop has been recog-
so you see how your feedback con-
nized by PC World, PC Magazine, and
tributes to the community.
Consumer Reports as the best anti-
spam solution in the market.
i was getting tired of the spam that i
have been ‘missing’ for 2 years with
Cloudmark for outlook. kudos and
thanks for a thunderbird version.
-Joel B.
Free 15-day no risk Trial
Download Cloudmark Desktop for Mozilla Thunderbird today.
1As rated by PCWorld, PCMagazine, PCPlus, Computer Shopper, and Consumer Reports

key FeaTures
and beneFiTs
Approved Smart List
Import a list of good senders from
your address book, ensuring receipt
of all legitimate messages. This is
located in the “Options” section of
the drop-down menu.
User and Community Statistics
You are able to see how well Cloud-
mark Desktop is working through
individual and community-wide spam
CloudmArk instAlled on the thunderBird toolBAr
blocking statistics.
Cloudmark appears as a split drop-down button on the toolbar. You can participate in the
Cloudmark community by reporting messages via the “Block” and “Unblock” buttons. If
“User Detection Action”
you are in the inbox, the button will change to “Block.” If you are in the Cloudmark spam
This feature lets you manage spam
messages by selecting from three
folder, it changes to “Unblock.”
options: 1. Delete Instantly, 2. Age
messages after one week or one
The Cloudmark drop-down menu also enables you to access the online tutorial, Cloud-
month or 3. Leave in Inbox and tag as
mark Technical Support, My Rating, and My Cloudmark Account to manage their per-
spam. Once you set this function, you
sonal accounts.
no longer need to manually manage
your spam folders.
how it works
1. An e-mail message arrives.
2. Cloudmark Desktop calculates the message’s “fingerprints” and sends them to Cloudmark.
Os requireMenTs
3. Cloudmark compares the message’s fingerprints with other messages that users have blocked as
• Windows 2000 /XP /Vista 32-bit
spam or phishing.
4. If the fingerprints do not match known spam or phishing fingerprints, Cloudmark delivers the
eMail sOFTware
message to the user’s inbox.
5. If the message’s fingerprints match those of known spam or phishing messages, Cloudmark moves
• Thunderbird 1.5 and above
the message to the spam folder.
eMail suPPOrTed
Cloudmark Desktop is compatible
with all Thunderbird-compatible
e-mail services, including:
• POP3
• Gmail using SSL POP3
• MSN/Hotmail using HTTP or
Hotmail Plus using POP3 or
Cloudmark Europe, Ltd.
Cloudmark Japan
• Yahoo! Mail Plus using POP3
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