The Things You Need to Know About Hair Loss

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My Losing Battle With Thinning Hair

You Can Combat Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness runs strongly in my family. According to my dad, the hair on the crown of
his head started to thin out when he was a freshman in college, which he chose to reveal to me
when I was just entering college. Yes, that is my dad for you personally. To create things much
more exciting for me, the men on my mom's side from the family members suffer from exactly the
same fate, albeit a little differently. See, in their case, the hair problem starts later. My uncle stated
it happened when he was in his 30s, and he was almost bald a couple of years afterward. What is
more, his male pattern baldness is different also; it's like he features a massive letter M stamped
on him, just like the way Jude Law's hair looks these days. Because of this, we call him "Uncle M."

From Herbal Oils to Special Shampoos: This can be a Thriving Business

My sister used to tease me that I'll be bald prior to I'm even married, 'if' I'll ever get married in spite
of it. She reasoned that our dad's genes will take care of the hair on the crown of my head and my
mom's will make sure that I'll have a humongous forehead to add more insult to injury. This is why
I hated her back then, because she usually chided that the two patterns will meet and I'll ultimately
be left with just my sideburns. The horror. The horror!

As it turned out, my sister had a powerful situation. As early as junior year in high school, my
pillows had been covered with strands of hair each morning. Initially, I did not spend it much focus
because I was nonetheless in the stage of denial. I thought, "How could this happen this early in
my life?" I truly hoped that I could just wish it away and every thing would be alright the following
day, but I knew this was never going to occur, so I began searching for remedies.

I did a research on the topic thoroughly that it bordered on becoming an obsession. I educated
myself on issues about male pattern baldness - causes, types, remedies and all that. Truth be told,
a physician wasn't required to diagnose that I had androgenic alopecia.

Every shampoo, conditioner, gel, spray, cream or oil that claimed to curtail balding, vitamins for
hair loss, name the brand and I have probably currently tried it. Even "too good to be" accurate
claims were good sufficient for me. I've tried the all-natural ones, beginning with coconut milk
which left me smelling nasty for two days. Then, I tried coconut oil because, apparently, the
coconut fruit is really a "cure-all for hair problems." Following that, I tried rum which produced
people think I had awful parents for letting me get drunk every morning. The list went on, one
crazier than the final. I was so obsessed with it that buddies tried to tell me that, at very best, all I
was ever going to get from this was "a placebo effect." That my thoughts was just going to trick
myself into thinking that my issue was subsiding.

The Road I Didn't Want to Take: Hair Transplantation

I'm not ashamed to say that I don't approve of cosmetic surgery. But then once more, I do not
approve of myself going bald, either. With that stated, the fact was that I might need to get hair
transplant at some point in my life. Suddenly, the idea of surgery for the objective of vanity was not
that bad any longer.

Hair transplants for men aren't that complicated if you think about it. The fundamental logic would
be to replace the dead and non-functioning hair follicles on the balding spot with healthy and
productive ones from a donor area - generally the side or back of the head. You will find two
various ways on how to accomplish this: either a strip of one's scalp will be grafted and stitched
towards the affected region, or individual follicles will probably be inserted 1 at a time.

Luckily, I did not need to go that far. A minimum of not however. I tried minoxidil, an over-the-
counter topical which you can apply on the affected area. Inside weeks of utilizing it, there was an
evident decrease in hair fall. I noticed that my hair was beginning to thicken once more! Don't get
me incorrect, I'm not advocating the use of this item as it is known to have side effects to some -
such as, ironically, hair fall. All I am saying is that it worked for me.

I'm extremely happy with how I appear now. At 23, you'll by no means now the dark past I had to
suffer. To the guy who found minoxidil, hat's off to you!