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Jairo Alves


Natural Existential Evidences.………….4
Other Existential Evidences.……………7
The Temporal Entities…………………..9
Holistic View of Time…………………12
Concluding Remarks…………………..14


The Time without Mysteries
1 Introduction

The intent of this eBook is to complement the view that we
have of Time, because it directly affects the understanding of the
structure and functioning of nature.

Nobody can deny the existence of Time, because transience is
evidence that all entities are temporal. In other words, death or
the inevitable end of all entities is an undeniable proof that all
things are subject to the action of Time.

Our relationship with Time is so natural that we hardly realize it.
Absolutely everything we do in life can be summed up in
practice events, i.e., we do not accomplish anything other than
temporal movements. Example: To be born, live, die, eat, run,
sleep, drink, speak, write etc. It is noteworthy that all
communication is an event in which it informs other events and
situations. It’s valuable to note that even the enduring situations
are also events.

In short, Time is essential for the existence of any fact, since
none of them would exist if it could be removed. Cultural
evolution is a prerequisite for reaching that


Jairo Alves

following topics will show this through a new vision, which is
the product of the union everything we already known about the
Time with the new information that will be presented by the
author of this essay.
2 Natural Existential Evidences

The purpose of this first topic is to present all natural evidences
that we are already known and can sustain a holistic view of

The first evidence to be considered is our subliminal perception
of the existence of Time. This perception is the result of our
condition as generators and receivers of actions, that is, we feel
that Time exists, because we are a link in a big system where all
entities generate and receive actions. In other words, our
relationship with the environment makes us feel the presence of
time. Should realize that feeling is also a way to inform.

The second evidence of the existence of Time can be obtained
by reason through the observation of natural phenomena,


The Time without Mysteries
because each phenomenon is an event and every event is a
temporal movement.

Our life cycle is another evidence of the existence of Time,
because it consists of a set of events, i.e., our life cycle is a
temporal movement that begins with our birth and ends with our
death. This temporal evidence is present in all things, because
the fact is that nothing is eternal.

The macrocosm is also a source of temporal evidences, because
all celestial bodies are trapped in orbits. The orbits can
be considered as natural clocks, because they provide for the
attainment of temporal cyclical movements. Our way to count
the Time is an example of this, because it is based on the orbits
that Earth performs around the sun and of itself. The Earth's
orbit around itself is the event named day and its fractionation
gives us the hours, minutes, seconds, etc. The Earth's orbit
around the Sun is the event called year and its multiplying gives
us the decades, centuries and millennia.

The microcosm is also replete with temporal evidences, because
the quantic entities also perform applicant movements. The


Jairo Alves

atomic clock is a proof of existence of this. The first one was
built in 1949 in the United States.

Based on the evidences presented above, we can already say that
our vision of Time is fully dependent on cyclical events. As a
result, it is clear that Time is intrinsic to all natural entities, since
all of them are recurring events within other recurring events. In
short, the Time is outside, but is also inside of all existential
entities. In order to better understand the importance and role of
the Time, in the next topic, we will see some of their other
existential possibilities.


The Time without Mysteries
3 Other Existential Evidences

The purpose of this topic is to show that Time is essential for the
generation of any event, even to those of human origin. The
main evidence for this is the existence of a temporal entity that
is called history, because any fact natural or not belongs to it.

The processes, recipes and programs of any kind are also very
clear evidences of the existence of Time, because all these
entities are chronological structures to be performed by some
force. In other words, Time is essential to become possible the
mounting and performing of any process, recipe or kind of

Books, movies, plays, workshops, lectures and any kind of
performance are also clear evidence of the existence of Time,
because despite we not perceive, all history, story, procedure,
procedure or description narrate an event.

Astrology would not also exist without the Time, because it
assumes that the positions of celestial bodies influence
everybody. This position is repeated only because the heavenly
bodies move cyclically as if they were the hands of a vast


Jairo Alves

In other words, the basis of
astrology is the
calculation of Time through the cosmic events. It is worth noting
that this essay is not intended to test the scientific validity of
astrology, but only to show that it serves as an existential
evidence of Time.

In short, there is nothing that is timeless, because the base of
all things is made up of events. In order to help make this
clearer, the next topic will provide in a more appropriate way
some information which is already well known by everybody.


The Time without Mysteries
4 The Temporal Entities

This topic will display a structured way as we see the Time in
everyday life. This view is important because it will serve as
input to the understanding of the additional information to
be presented in the following topic.

Time is an unconditioned entity, because it has no beginning or
end, i.e., the Time doesn't depend on other entity to exist.
However, all other entities that exist are temporized, i.e., they
can be constructed and deconstructed. There are only two types
of temporal entities with this feature: the event and history.

An event is temporal entity that is dependent, because every
event is associated with a history, that is, every event is a
temporal movement, phenomenon or happening that belongs to
a history. Example: The explosion of a star is an event that
belongs to the universe history. A tsunami is an event that is
part of the history of the earth and the universe. The death of
any person, plant or animal is an event that is part of the history
of this entity, the earth and the universe simultaneously. The
only history with full autonomy belongs to the universe, because
it is the only entity that has no outside, i.e., the universe is the


Jairo Alves

only entity which existence is unconditional. All remaining
stories have relative autonomy, since the existence of all of them
is conditional upon the existence of the entity universe. In other
words, each history is part of a larger story, unless this reference
is to the universe. From this perspective, all history can be
conceptualized as a set of interdependent events that belong to
the same temporal entity. It is because of this temporal
characteristic that we cannot separate the history of an entity of
its life or existence. Another important point of view to consider
about the history is that it can also be an event if it is observed at
a higher level. Example: For our pairs we are histories, but in
relation to the earth and the universe we are events. As the
reader may have noticed, the history is the own fact and not just
its recording.

The vision of the events and history as separate entities is purely
human, since in nature both are perfectly integrated in a huge
multidimensional system that makes the universe is a gigantic
history or event. Looking for the same angle we can say too, that
the temporal entities "phase", "step", "stage" and "level" are also
human conceptions to designate groups of synergistic events.
In other words, these entities are
composed of events that