The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle: Study Guide

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1. Mr. Grummage is Charlottes guardian who escorts her to the Sea Hawk.
2. Miss Doyle is a 13 year-old girl named Charlotte who boards the Sea Hawk to her
family's new home in Providence, Rhode Island.
3. The name of the ship Charlotte sets sail on is the Sea Hawk.
4. The captain of the Sea Hawk is Captain Jaggery.
5. The baggage handlers refuse to be of service after they hear Captain Jaggery's name.
6. Charlotte sees a man climb up one of the mooring ropes before boarding the ship.
7. The families Charlotte Doyle was to travel with couldn't make it on board.
8. Mr Grummage had to do what was best for Charlotte as she needed to get to America.
9. I agree with Mr. Grummage because she her parents ordered her to board the ship.
10. Mr. Grummage has good intentions even though he may seem a bit pushy.
11. He advised Charlotte to take another ship to America.
12. They think Charlotte shouldn't be on the Sea Hawk.
13. Charlotte's cabin is small and there is a lack of furnishings i.e. not very comfortable.
14. Zachariah offeres Charlotte tea and a knife/dirk.
15. Charlotte overhears Mr. Keetch and another man talk about her and doesn't
16. On a previous voyage, Jaggery beat Mr. Cranick so badly, he lost his arm.
17. Charlotte concludes that the crew is former crew and that they seek revenge.
18. The living standards of Jaggery's quarters were far greater than those in Charlottes
cabin and the rest of the entire ship.
19. He has good manners and he says he's a family man and tells of his five-year-old
daughter Victoria .

20. He tells Charlotte that his methods may be cruel but it's how he maintains order.
21. I think Charlotte lies about Zachariah giving her the dirk to protect him.
22. The ships jail i.e. brig is to keep prisoners in.
23. Charlotte sees a face staring at her as she is looking through her stuff.
24. She doesn't want to be seen as silly by the Captain.
25. Charlotte means to say that the two men are trying to win over her friendship.
26. Charlotte warms up to the crew and the crew end up getting along with her as well.
27. She hears men saying how they're ready to put down "their marks" and referring to
her as "always spying."
28. Charlotte learns the men have a pistol and she sees a stowaway.
29. He orders Charlotte to round up the crew and heavily arms himself.
30. They too come armed and are surprised to see Jaggery with a musket.
31. Cranick pulls out a round-robin and declare Jaggery to be an unfit captain.
32. Captain Jaggery handles the mutiny by shooting Cranick in the chest.
33. Zachariah defies the Captains orders of throwing Cranick's body overboard.
34. Captain Jaggery punishes Zachariah as well with fifty lashes with a whip.
35. Charlotte tries to defend Zachariah and she grabs the whip. Jaggery takes it from her
and unmercifully beats Zahcariah to death.
36. The Captain is not happy with Charlotte and withdraws his protection of her.
37. She puts on the seaman's garments so that she could join and help as one of the crew.
38. They don't let Charlotte join because she is a girl and she is made a mistake.
39. Charlotte has to climb up the royal yard which is fair considering what had happened.
40. If Charlotte falls all the way from the top, she would probably die.

41. He tells her that he will treat her as hard as he treats the other crew.
42. She is physically exhausted all though she feels liberated and loves her new life.
43. Charlotte threatens to take him to court because Jaggery was acting cowardly.
44. They argue on whether or not to go through the storm and they end up going in.
45. She cuts her hair because it gets in the way when she's trying to work.
46. The crew don't know whether or not Charlotte killed Mr. Hollybrass.
47. Zachariah helps Charlotte during the storm.
48. Zachariah will go to Charlotte's dad and expose Captain Jaggery to the authorities at
49. They probably don't want to get on Jaggery's bad side(by now, I can see why).
50. He no longer needs to look good for Charlotte.
51. Jaggery puts her on trial before her peers because her peers will be afraid to stand up
for Charlotte.
52. If she wishes to withdraw being a crew member.
53. Captain Jaggery is the judge and the jury is made up of the crew.
54. He calls Charlotte, "unnatural," probably because she works in the crew and knows
how to handle a knife.
55. Captain Jaggery declares Charlotte guilty and that she be hung.
56. Charlotte suspects Zachariah because it was his knife that killed Hollybrass.
57. I think the Captain suspected whether or not Zachariah was alive and tried to hide his
58. Charlotte concludes that Jaggery was the culprit because he had argued with
Hollybrass before his death and that he pretended not to know about Zachariah in

order to convict Charlotte without any objection.
59. Charlotte saw the Captain take his gun when he went to kill Cranick.
60. She should get the key because she knows exactly where it is hidden.
61. Keetch will lure the captain out of the cabin, and Charlotte will grab the key and hand
it off to Zachariah. The men will then lead an uprising against the captain. They told
Keetch about their suspicion. The plan ultimately fails.
62. Charlotte thinks her family will be proud of her.
63. Unfortunately, Keetch tells the Captain of their plan beforehand and the Charlotte
runs into the Captain at his quarters.
64. Jaggery confesses to Charlotte that he murdered Hollybrass.
65. 1. He will give her the keys to the gun cabinet and let her stage a mutiny, in which
case infamy will ensue and her family will be shamed.
2. She can put on her girl's clothes again, beg him for forgiveness, and then
everything will be back in its proper order.
3. She can be hanged.
Charlotte chooses neither of the options.
66. Captain Jaggery tells the crew Charlotte tried to murder him. She responds saying
he's lying and that he murdered Hollybrass.
67. The ship plunges and Jaggery is thrown overboard.
68. Charlotte is made the captain of the Seahawk since she was responsible for defeating
Captain Jaggery.
69. They were lost at sea during the hurricane.
70. Zachariah and Charlotte plan to cover up everything.

71. She meets them at Providence and is happy to see them again.
72. Charlotte shows her family her short hair and tells them that she associated with the
73. Mr. Doyle wants to read Charlotte's journal to see how her voyage was.
74. Mr. Doyle burns Charlotte's journal for having `unnatural' tales and bad spelling.
75. Charlotte is punished by not being able to share stories of her voyage and to be
confined in her room.
76. Charlotte is not fond of her fathers decision and bribes her maid, Bridget, to get
newspapers for her without her father's consent.
77. Charlotte wants to leave on the Seahawk, she wants to be free.
78. She sneaks out through her window and goes to the port where the Seahawk is.
79. Charlotte sees Zachariah first on the Seahawk.
80. Charlotte Doyle now feels that the Seahawk is where she is meant to be and that she
feels at home there(I applaud her for that).