The way to Get a California Medical Marijuana License

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the best way to get
It's compulsory to really have a physician's recommendation to be authorized use to possess or
grow medical marijuana in California cannabis club . Nevertheless a physician isn't allowed to
prescribe medical cannabis nor can it be sold by a pharmacy as per the national law. Every
patient who is using cannabis should possess a physician's recommendation as per Prop 215.
The statewide system for the voluntary registration program as per SENATE BILL 420 requires
that local counties (via the Department of Health) must issue state ID cards that confirm
endorsement to use medical cannabis. The advantage of the state-issued card is that it is an
official document which may be readily checked unlike the recommendation letter which is often
counterfeited or duplicated on the official website. These state IDs card costs about $166 and can
differ from county to county. The state gets $66.00, and the counties get $100 as administration
Physician's Test/Interview
The dialogue to be shared with the doctor should be prepared well in advance. It is definitely
advisable to investigate and locate how your specific medical needs can be helped by cannabis -
certain forms of medical marijuana tend to be more helpful in treating certain illnesses.
Some doctors that are enlightened can also urge the necessary amount of marijuana which can
be grown or a given quantity of dried bud that may be possessed in line with the individual
As a general practice the physicians will ask the patient to fill in a medical history form before they
take your vital signs and perform a short physical. A doctor may also ask about other drugs that
have been taken and past experiences with bud.
Some doctors like to keep previous medical records according to the state law as to why medical
marijuana was advocated. There's no reason to be nervous at the appointment; enjoy and relax
this process that opens the gates to the world of health marijuana.
Previously five years, the recommendations for medical cannabis in California have raised
drastically bringing down the consulting fees between $80- 150 for a one-year recommendation
occasionally discounted renewing an endorsement. Some physicians also do bill discounted rates
for shorter description spans. Doctors are also actively marketing to patients and advertisements
upon receiving the recommendation low base rates which increase. Some physicians will attempt
to up sell other miscellaneous items along with ID cards. However, their ID card serves no real
purpose and shouldn't be mistaken with all the state-issued ID cards (under SB420). Most
collectives/dispensaries will not take the ID cards and certainly will still need you to present your
first, signed (and regularly embossed) recommendation letter to become member. When you're a
member (with a valid recommendation on file) most collectives will accept a regular California ID

for entry.