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There is no stopping to the continued data center
development of one of the biggest companies of
the world. This is the commitment of Google
Fiber, Inc to continue its mission of giving
satisfaction to its million of subscribers and fans
around the world. Google Fiber, Inc is subsidiary
of Google, one of the sought after Search Engines
today with billions of subscribers around the
world. The GFI is reported in the new the other
day that it seeking a permit to install the
company's satellite antennas on land near
the company's own data center, located in
Council Bluffs, Iowa. The said antenna could be
very helpful in receiving content feeds most
especially from its broadcast networks which
could be bundled, with a service that is
considered high speed.
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According to a notice from FCC Public Notice, particularly on Page 11,
for Satellite Commission Service Google Fiber is reportedly looking to
register the so-called C-band receive-only earth station, as well as those
that are also considered a Ku-band receive-only earth station in Council
Bluffs, Iowa It is also reported that the satellite is going to be used in
providing analog as well as digital audio, video and data center services

The said application also talked on an array of 4 5 meter satellite dishes

It also seeks to have an access to the transmission from satellites
including Intelsat 9, which, according to the report, is carrying
international television programming Meanwhile, There are reports that
Microsoft is aiming for potential data center locations in Atlanta

Well, the company is stable and it has all the capacity to establish data
center facilities in the area In fact, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports
in a local real estate community that Microsoft is actually looking for
50-60 acres in the Lithia Springs, a suburb in the western part of Atlanta

It's already a home for many data centers according to the report
published by the Chronicle Recently, the Microsoft Company dipole
antennas has been in the so-calledbuilding mode, as it also announced
data center expansion in Virginia and Iowa

However, in a quick response, the company says any site evaluation is
only part of its regular review of its infrastructure options

It was learned from various sources that the Atlanta is also home for
to-rated and respected data centers especially for Twitter, SunGard,
Google, QTS, Equinix, Telx and other companies belonging to the
Fortune 500 companies

dipole antennas