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Panic attacks are often confusing and leave many men and women of all ages in the dark as to
why they occur. This condition can be very serious and disrupt lives, depending on the individual
person and the severity of the attacks. The only way any kind of accurate diagnosis can be made
is if a doctor is consulted. Many people are in fact mislead by the symptoms and other multiple
variables involved. Your doctor can determine if this or something else is what you suffer form.
Symptoms and the causes for panic attacks often vary greatly from individual to individual and
can be quite. vague. Below we talk about just a few of the reasons for panic attacks in hopes that
increased knowledge will help you to cope.

Many people will only experience a panic attack one time. But repeat occurrences need to be
closely analyzed to determine if there are commonalities. The person may discover something in
their environment that actually triggers the attack. It is common of course, for panic attacks to
actually be symptoms of other issues like phobias for example. Because the symptoms can look
the same as those associated with panic attacks. Remember though, that it is possible to have a
phobia and never have a panic attack. The severity of the fear will usually dictate whether a panic
attack occurs.

There are many conditions, however, that have panic attacks listed as a symptom or side-effect.
Some of those conditions, or events, are related to medications and drugs. Case in point, is panic
attacks that are induced by abuse or overdosing on cocaine or amphetamines. Some prescription
drugs have been identified as causing panic attacks in some people. However, these drugs will
list panic attacks as their possible side-effects. So be sure to ask your doctor about side-effects of
any medication they prescribe. The range of side-effects should always be discussed with your
doctor before you take any new prescription medication anyway. Ask your doctor about side-
effects of any medications you are currently taking, to determine if they could be the cause of your

Some prescription medications can also lead to panic attacks. It's important to be on the lookout
for symptoms and realize they can be far reaching. If you have a history of panic attacks be sure
to discuss this with your physician before taking any prescribed medicines. Common drugs that
may trigger panic attacks include: Sanorex, Catovit, Prolintane, and Mazindol. Many drugs list
symptoms that are on par with panic attack symptoms as potential side effects of taking the

Understanding the causes of panic attacks is a continual process as not all of them are known, or
understood fully. It is normal to feel a lot of frustration if you deal with these attacks. Some help
can also be found by seeking out treatment or an evaluation from a psychologist who specializes
in panic attacks.

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