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Things To
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no Ab
A out Andro
r id OS

ndr d OS & Dessert
er Names
* Android is Operating System for smart Mobiles and Tablets.
* Nowadays, There are many android application development is being
developed in different Android OS.
* Android OS have generally named as dessert name just like Cupcake,
Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, etc.

dro d 1.5 "Cupc
"Cup ake"
* Technical y Android 1.5 is not first version of Android.
* There are many versions earlier, but they have not any kind of
dessert name.
* Google has decided to give dessert name as code name like
Cupcake to the version Android 1.5.
* Thus, from this version the dessert series get started.
* General y we know that Cupcake is a sweet dish which is smal kind
of cake. That is baked in a smal shaped cup which is mostly served
with frosting as its topping.

nd i
ro d 1.6 "Don
Don "
* Android Version 1.6 is known as Donut as its code name.
* It was released in September 2009.
* It fixes the old reboot errors from the OS and upgrade photo as wel
as video features.
* It also gives better camera interface and search integration.
* It supports in larger screen gadgets and it was the first version
which facilitate Google as turn-by-turn navigation.
* Donut is one kind of fried cake as a small ring shaped.
* It is coated with various sweet tastes.

dro d 2.0/2.1 "E
" clair"
* Android 2.0 is known as Eclair.
* It was released in October 2009 then it was also updated with it's
bugfix version 2.0.1 in December 2009.
* In January 2010 Android 2.1 was released having additional
facilities like flash and digital zoom for the camera, Bluetooth 2.1
support, live wal papers, multi-touch support and many more.
* Eclair is one kind of dessert, which is like "creamy Puff".
* It is a baked pastry filling with flavored cream and chocolate coating
on it's top.

2.2 "Fr
" oyo"
* Android 2.2 which is known as Froyo.
* It is updated by improving the speed with having JavaScript "just-in-
time" Compiler engine from the "Chrome" which is Google Browser.
* It also improved its browser support by adding animated GIF support,
Wi-Fi Hotspot capability, USB tethering, Flash 10.1 plug-in support.
* Froyo is a frozen dessert made up from yogurt. It is lower in fat.
* There is also a brand name as Froyo.

2.3 "Gi
" nger
ger ead"
* Android 2.3 version is known as Gingerbread and is released in
December 2010.
* Gingerbread is having features like support more than one camera,
SIP internet calling, NFC wireless transaction capability, support for
gyroscope and other sensors, download manager, etc.
* Later, Android 2.4 is also included in the Gingerbread codename of
* Gingerbread is a "cake" or "cookie" of ginger-flavored.
* Gingerbread is mostly in the shape of man. It is generally made to
celebrate end-of-year holidays in the US.

nd i
ro d 3.0/3.
3 1/3.2 "Honeycomb"
* Android 3.0 is known as Honeycomb.
* It was released in February 2011 and rapidly followed by 3.1,3.2
versions near about July & august 2011.
* There are many tablets supporting this OS and many of the
manufacturers are interested to produce Tablets for the same.
* Samsung has produced the army of tablets having different sizes and
features till the end of 2010 with Android 2.X with hopping to target
the season of Christmas shopping after the success of Apple's iPads.
* Motorola Xoom has released the first Android 3.X Tablet in the
market, later it has been using by tons of Tablets.
* Honeycomb is a sweetened breakfast cereal, It is made up with
honey flavored corn cereal bits in a honeycomb shape.

A d
n r
d o
r id
o 4.0
4 "I
" ce Cr
C e
r a
e m
a San
a d
n wich"
* Android 4.0 is known as Ice Cream Sandwich.
* It was released on October 2011.
* In January 2012, there is only one phone known as Samsung
Galaxy Nexus has been released to run this version, Later Few
more are expected to get updates.
* In our real life Ice Cream Sandwich is a dessert having an ice cream
of generally vanilla flavored sandwiched between two rectangular
shaped chocolate cookies.

Android 4.1 "jelly Bean"
* Obviously the next version of Android OS is Jelly Bean.
* On 26th June 2012, the mascot of Jel y Bean was appeared on
Google campus.
* There is a facility of "Google Now" in the Jel y Bean version.
* Jelly Bean is a kind of colorful sweet Jel ies.

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