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The Uk's First Chocolate Egg Was
1 Produced In 1873 By Fry's In
The Tradition Of Painting Eggs
2 Originates From Ukraine And Is
Called Pysanka.

The Tallest Easter Chocolate Egg Was
Made In Italy. It Was 10.39m Tall +
3 Weighed 7200kg That's Taller Than A
Giraffe And Heavier Than An Elephant.
When Taking A Bite Into A Chocolate
Bunny, 76% Of Consumers Prefer To
4 Bite Off The Ears First, 5% Eat The
Feet First And 4% Eat The Tail First.

90 Million Chocolate Bunnies
Are Manufactured Every
5 Easter.
In Scotland And North England,
Easter Is Traditionally Celebrated
6 By Rolling Printed Eggs Down
Steep Hills.

Every Child In The UK Receives
An Average Of 8.8 Easter Eggs
7 Each Year.
In 2007 A Diamond Egg Was Sold
8 For Almost 9 Million.

25% Of Children Surveyed Thought That
Easter Was A Celebration Of The Easter
9 Bunny's Birthday.
The Best Selling Chocolate Eggs In
10 The UK Are Cadbury's Cream

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