Things to know about Jodhpur

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Things to know about Jodhpur
Jodhpur is the second largest city and Judiciary capital of Rajasthan. It is also known as Blue City and
Suncity. After Jaipur, Jodhpur is the most likely city among tourists to visit.
Jodhpur is a famous place to visit in Rajasthan. It is famous all around the globe.
The best weather or time to visit Jodhpur is October to March. You can contact to rajasthan tour
operators to visit Jodhpur. They will provide you best tour packages for Jodhpur.
Jodhpur's attractions include like:-
1. Mehrangadh Fort: - Unconquerable Fort Mehrangadh or the majestic fort, was founded in
1459 AD by Rao Jodha, who was responsible for setting up the city of Jodhpur. The fort
emphasizes to a greater extent than most other fort of Rajasthan, the strange irony between
the particulars of Rajput military architecture of the 15th-18th century period and the
flamboyance of the Rajput princes in the late-19th and early 20th century. The fort hikes
across a hill on a 393 ft. high hills, with numerous semi- circular bastions and walls that are
121 ft. high and 68 ft. thick at places, 100 ft. over the nearest pass, with superb natural rocky
2. Umaid Bhawan Palace: - The Umaid Bhawan palace was founded in 1929 AD, construction was
not completed until 1943 and the royal family has occupied the palace since 1944. The
architecture is by Lanchester, of the Lutyens School of Architecture. Dominated by European
style, but with some Indo-Saracenic touches and a few features that kept in mind Rajput
traditions like having a separate zanana wing for women and complete privacy for the royal
3. Jaswant Thada: - The Jaswant Thanda, located half way up the forever long road that climbs
onwards to the fort, is the traditional cremation ground of the rulers of Jodhpur. Taking pride
of place amongst the ornament gardens and chatters is the fabulous white marble memorial
to Jaswant Singh II, built in 1899. Jaswant Thada has a serene marble facade outside, colorful
4. Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower): - Clock Tower Sadar bazaar is a lively, bustling, colorful market
which runs from Sojati Gate to the Clock tower. Pretty much anything can be bought in the
Sadar bazaar but the area around the clock tower specializes in spices, glass bangles, rugged
leather ware and vivid tie-and-dye printed fabrics.
5. Excursions to Mandore: - Capital of Erstwhile Marwar Historic Mandore was the capital of
Marwar, during the rule of the Parihar Rajputs, before this region was conquered by the
Rathores, and Rao Jodha selected the rocky defenses to the south of Mandore for his new
capital city, Jodhpur. The stone garden palace of Maharaja Abhai Singh who came here to
enjoy the lush, green gardens, pomegranate orchards and fountains of Mandore.