Things to Know About Pipettes

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Things to
Know About

Commonly used handheld instruments in clinical laboratories and research
settings, pipettes are used to measure small volumes of liquid and to transfer
liquids or semi-solids in measured volumes. They are indispensable in
experiments that involve acid or alkali reactions known as titration experiments.
Types of Pipette
There are different models of this laboratory instrument. The basic functioning of
each model is same, but choosing the right pipette is important if the required
volume is to be measured accurately. Using the wrong model is often a source of
common error in practical work which requires accurate volume measurement. In
addition to accuracy, modern design focuses on reducing ergonomic risks. The
following are the most common types of pipettes:

Transfer / Disposable
This basic type of pipette is used for making rough measurements.
Quality models molded from polyethylene and feature an integral,
one-piece design. In addition to avoiding the risk of breakage as
with glass pipettes, they can be heat sealed for sample storage.
02 Fixed Volume
Fixed volume micro and macro pipettes provide stable performance
and consistent results for diagnostic or analytical tests by doing
away with the risk of flawed volume setting. VistaLab
Technologies offers both these types - MLA Micro D-Tipper 2L
features smooth two-stroke action (with overblow) enhancing
repeatable results and performance with microvolume sample sizes
and MLA Macro 1-5 mL is an adjustable volume model for pipetting
between 1 and 5 mL, in 0.5mL increments and allows visual
confirmation of the volume delivered.
Single Channel
03 Thisdeviceproducesaccuratemeasurementofresultswiththeuse
of one disposable tip. A one way disposable nozzle does not allow
liquid to get into the body of the device and there is no risk of
contamination. The Single Channel Ovation Pipette by VistaLab
Technologies provides dispensing increments of 10L and a volume
range of 100-5000ul. With a low weight and relaxed grip design,
this model makes repetitive pipetting effortless.

04 Multichannel
The technique used in this model is similar to that of the single
channel, except it uses more than one tip at a time. These
instruments are suitable for demanding lab applications such as
delivering a series of different volumes in any desired order or for
mixing after delivery. The Ovation Electronic Multichannel
model from VistaLab Technologies incorporates various features
for ergonomic advantages and to boost pipetting efficiency. An
audible ''click'' indicates that every tip is securely seated and
Pipette Tips
In addition to choosing the right instrument for your application, it is important to
find pipette tips that provide a perfect fit. If the liquid leaks, that means the tip does
not fit properly. Leading manufacturers offer tips that feature different colors to
match the pipette they are meant for.
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