Three Natural Ingredients That Reduce Wrinkles

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Three Natural Ingredients That Reduce Wrinkles

When purchasing an anti-wrinkle cream, obviously the number-one consideration is
whether or not it will actually produce results. But when you're standing in the beauty
aisle at your local drugstore, or perusing the anti wrinkle products available online, how
on earth can you determine if a product will eliminate wrinkles if you can't actually test it
for yourself? Luckily, there are a few key ingredients that help to reduce the appearance
of wrinkles and fine lines, and if you look for these ingredients when doing your
shopping, you may find the search for anti aging skin care products gets much easier.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids
Alpha-hydroxy acids, or AHAs, are simply acids that come from fruit, such as citric acid.
You can find this acid in fruits like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits. Alpha-
hydroxy acids not only encourage the growth of new skin cells, but they work as a
natural exfoliant, and easily remove dead cells without causing irritation. Exfoliation
allows new, younger skin cells to shine, and helps to reduce dryness that can emphasize

Because alpha-hydroxy acids are found in nature, they are safe to use on the face, and
even on the sensitive tissue around the eyes.

Vitamin C
Not only is vitamin C good for you when you ingest it through your food or
multivitamins, it helps to firm skin when you apply it topically. This is because vitamin C

naturally promotes the production of collagen, which gives skin its elasticity so your
facial expressions won't leave fine lines behind.

Vitamin C also helps reduce your risk of future wrinkles, as it helps to protect the skin
from the sun's rays. While you should always apply sunscreen when spending time
outside, vitamin C helps reduce skin inflammation and irritation.

In addition to applying vitamin C topically, you can enjoy these benefits further by
consuming foods rich in this vitamin -- such as broccoli, strawberries and Brussels
sprouts -- which can speed up your skin's collagen production.

Aloe Vera
By far the most important natural ingredient in your anti wrinkle skin cream, aloe vera is
a miracle plant when it comes to your skin. Aloe vera can reduce irritation and
inflammation, hydrate dry skin and be used as a healing agent. But most importantly,
aloe vera is incredibly moisturizing, which allows skin to appear plump, reducing the
appearance of wrinkles. It keeps skin moisturized and healthy, and is a staple in natural
beauty products. Look for the highest concentration of aloe vera possible when searching
for anti aging skin creams. Aloe vera will help you discover the secret to younger looking

Look for these three natural ingredients in your anti wrinkle face creams, and you'll not
only manage to look younger, you'll prevent future wrinkles from popping up.

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