Three SIMPLE Steps to a Better Butt

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Three SIMPLE Steps
to a Better Butt
By Nick Nilsson
First off, congratulations! You've taken your first step
towards building larger, firmer, rounder glutes!
(And no, just reading this book doesn't count as Step 1
of the program :)
So I'l give it to you straight, right from the
start...building a bigger, better butt comes down to
muscle. Muscle is what wil give your butt the shape
you want. Everybody has got muscle and everybody
can build muscle. It's just a matter of finding out what
works for YOU.
In this book, I'm going to show exactly how to develop
your rear end with a simple, targeted 3-step plan. You
will know exactly what it takes to build the butt
you're looking for!
Nick Nilsson
Author of Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!

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glutes and fil out your jeans
Any exercise program contains an element of risk. The exercises in the book may not be
familiar to you and, even though every attempt has been made to ensure safe
instruction, how and if you decide to execute the exercises is ultimately your
responsibility. By reading and using the information in this book you agree to
the Terms and Conditions of use.
This book is copyright Nick Nilsson (c) 2011 and BetterU, Inc. and may not be reproduced
without permission.

Let's Get Started...
First off, I want to make one thing clear...I'm not going to waste your time with a whole lot of
fluff and talk about WHY you want a better butt. You KNOW why you want a better butt... look better, feel more confident and even PERFORM better in sports!
So with that in mind, I've got a simple three-step program for you that wil give you a HUGE
head-start in building the butt you WANT...and it'l do it FAST, al while training in the privacy of
your own home!
Before I get to Step 1, we need to talk about WHY your glutes are smal ...and what exactly you
can do about it!
Why Glutes Stay Small and What
You Can Do About It
The answer to the question of why butts stay smal is as old as time itself... Wel , not real y, but
it is always good to know WHY something is happening when you are looking for a way to
change it.
There are quite a number of reasons why butts stay smal . Unfortunately, there are some things
you can't real y do anything about but for the majority of the reasons, there is PLENTY you can
The most important thing for you to realize is that there IS hope for every booty!! There is
not one single person out there who won't see results when these reasons are properly

1. Genetics
This is a major reason and, coincidental y, the major
excuse for rear ends staying smal .
Your genetic blueprint determines what color hair and
eyes you wil have, what size your feet are, and, most
important for our purposes, how much muscle you
start with on your backside.
I say "start with" because everyone, whether they
want to believe me or not, has the potential to gain
muscle. Some people have a lot more potential than
others but don't let that stop you from trying!
What can you do about it?
Unfortunately, nothing. You would have to go back in time and pick new parents and that just
isn't going to happen (yet...;). What you can do, however, is train (and that's what this 3-step
program is al about).
2. Inactivity
If you do nothing for increasing your butt size except sit on it, it wil only grow larger in the
wrong way. Targeted exercise is the absolute best way to shape and build your glute muscles.
What can you do about it?
Get off that butt and put it to work! The program in this book is going to do the trick for you.
3. Improper Exercise
The glute muscles are just like any other muscle in the body. With proper training, they wil
grow. However, with improper training, it's more likely that nothing wil happen. This single
point has probably caused more people to give up on getting a better butt than anything else
I've encountered.
Someone once came up to me and said "My butt just won't grow. I've tried everything."
"What have you tried?" I asked.
"Wel , I did one set of lunges every other day, holding onto a pair of soup cans. Then I tried
some step-ups a couple of times last week. The only time my glutes got sore is when I sat on

my Thighmaster by mistake."
What can you do about it?
Learn proper exercises and proper exercise technique. By reading this book, you are taking a
HUGE step in the right direction.
4. Poor or inadequate nutrition
You can't build a log cabin out of matchsticks,
nor can you build a great butt out of carrot
sticks or French fries. You must supply your
body with proper nutrition in adequate amounts
to support muscle growth.
What can you do about it?
Learn about proper nutrition for supporting
muscle growth. One of the key nutrients for this
is protein. By focusing on eating good quality
protein (such as eggs, lean meats, fish and
poultry) while training the glutes with good
exercises, you can get GREAT results in your
5. Insufficient training intensity or resistance
For many people, it is not the exercise technique or the nutrition that is the problem. It's the
lack of training intensity or insufficient resistance. Your body WANTS to be lazy. It wants to do
as little as possible.
If you give it the same training stimulus every time, e.g. lunges with 2 pound dumbel s, it's
going stay exactly as it is. You MUST give it a reason to improve and that means increasing
intensity and resistance.
What can you do about it?
Don't be afraid of weights! Ladies, touching a dumbel wil not turn you into a man. I promise
you. Al it wil do is help you to quickly transform your physique into the physique of your
6. Tight Muscle Pillowcases

What the heck am I talking about?
What I am talking about is "fascia." Fascia is the "pil owcase" or sheath of connective tissue that
surrounds each of your muscles like a, wel ...a pil owcase. It's what holds your muscles in place
on your body, keeping them from flopping around when they contract or when they are relaxed.
Without fascia, you couldn't move.
The problem with fascia is that it can also restrict muscle growth. Because fascia is so tough, it's
hard to force it to expand to al ow the muscles room to grow.
To il ustrate this, say we take a large pil owcase and put a pil ow in it that's moderately-sized
and fits in snugly. The pil owcase is ful and appears to be as big as it can be. This is like the
normal condition of untrained muscles.
Now we stuff a larger pil ow into the same pil owcase. The pil owcase is tighter and may be
slightly larger but that pil ow inside is straining at the seams because the tough
pillowcase/fascia has remained exactly the same size as it always was.
Imagine if you could make that pil owcase out of a material that could expand with a little help.
You could give that large pil ow inside more room to grow. Where an ordinary pil owcase
doesn't, the fascia surrounding your muscles has this potential to expand.
What can you do about it?
Stretch your fascia. With properly timed stretching, you can actual y slowly-but-steadily expand
your fascia, giving your glute muscles room to grow. And the best part is, this stretching is
permanent. Once you've expanded the fascia, it won't go back to it's original size, it'l stay
exactly as it is at it's largest size, giving you PERMANENT results (assuming you keep with a
base level of training).
Time for Step 1...
The BEST Glute-Building Exercise I've
EVER Found...One-Legged Bench Squats
This exercise works the glute down to almost the ful est stretch you can get on them. This
position is very effective for building the glutes rapidly. This exercise is one of the absolute best
glute-building exercises I have ever encountered.
It combines an effective bodyweight movement with a great stretch at the bottom. This is an
almost magical combination that can do wonders for your glutes in a very short period of time.

1. You wil need a solid chair or bench for this exercise. This is to increase the useful range of
motion of the exercise, which is important for maximizing it's effects. You wil also need to have
something solid that you can grab onto. This can be a railing or a door frame or a pole, etc.
Place the chair/bench immediately in front of this solid object.
2. Stand on the chair on one leg facing the solid object and hold onto it at about waist or
abdomen level directly in front of you (after a few reps, you wil get a feel for where to place
your hands). Your heel should be close to the back edge of the chair.
3. Lower your body as far down as you can go into a one-legged squat. Your other leg wil drop
down below the level of the chair seat behind you. You should feel a great stretch in your glute.
Make sure you continue to keep a firm grip on whatever you are holding on to.

4. Push yourself back up using your glute as much as possible. This is most easily accomplished
by focusing on pushing with your heel. Also, you can stick your butt out while pushing back up
to real y maximize the effect. This simple idea of sticking your butt out as you come up is almost
magical with how wel it works.
5. Use your grip on the solid object only as much as is necessary to keep the movement going.
If you pul too much with your arms, you wil take tension off the glutes and legs and defeat the
purpose of the exercise.
Perform al your reps on one leg, then switch to the other leg.

Using a Towel:
This version is performed almost exactly the same as above...the difference here is that instead
of holding onto the solid object directly, you'l be holding the ends of a towel.
Why a towel? The benefit of using the towel is that it moves up and down with your body,
giving you a more natural pivot point to grip onto while also removing some of your tendency to
use your hands to pul yourself up.
It also al ows you to sit back more on the heel while doing the exercise, which helps activate the
glutes more effectively.

Now the other leg.