Three Top Tips for Making Your Dentures Last

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Three Top Tips for Making Your Dentures Last
Getting false teeth in Glasgow can open you up to a brand new world. Now you have to do
more than clean your teeth every morning with a toothbrush. From this point on, you have
to consider the condition of your dentures throughout the day. On average, a pair of
dentures will last you for between five and seven years.
In this article, we are going to provide you with three top tips for ensuring dentures do live
out their lives properly.
1. Clean Them Daily
You are supposed to brush your teeth each day, and the same thing applies to dentures.
There is absolutely no difference in your cleaning regime. Yet thousands of denture wearers
will clean their natural teeth without paying any attention to their dentures. Your dentures
also need to be cleaned once a day.
Never use toothpaste with your dentures. Most commercial toothpastes have chemical
compounds in them that can damage them. Use a soft-bristle denture brush and water to
brush the surface of your dentures. Be careful when cleaning the attachments. It's easy to
bend them out of shape.
After every meal, wash your dentures with water. It is also possible to use a special soaking
solution to keep them clean. Whatever you use, there is no substitute for daily brushing. It
is the only way to get rid of all the plaque.
2. Treat them Like Royalty
Most people do not handle dentures correctly. The problem is many people assume that
because dentures are durable they can be thrown around as if they were nothing. In reality,
when dentures are out of your mouth they are vulnerable to breakage, especially when it
comes to the attachments.
Let's say you've bought cosmetic dentures in Glasgow. The first time you clean them
they should have a soft landing zone. In plain English, they need a sink of water or a folded
towel below them. If you drop them, they can smash instantly. Guard against this.

Whenever you are not wearing your dentures, make sure they are sitting in a glass of cool
water or a specialist cleaning solution. This will stop them from drying out.
If your dentures have metal attachments, be careful when choosing denture cleaners.
Some of these are not designed to come into contact with metal attachments. If they do,
they can cause tarnishing and warping.
Follow these tips for treating your dentures right and you will not have to worry about any
denture repairs in Glasgow.
3. Take Them Out
Many denture wearers make the mistake of not removing their dentures each night. They
think they can leave them in to keep them moist and to prevent them from drying out.
Doing this puts a lot of strain on the gum tissue. Over the course of years, this can cause
permanent damage.
Take them out each night to allow your gum tissue to rest. Constant strain will only cause
problems with your fitting in the long-term.
If you follow these three key tips, there is no reason why you cannot make your dentures
last for at least seven years, thus saving you both time and money.

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