Tips for a Green Data Center

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Tips for a Green Data Center

Green IT is without question one of the most sweeping trends in IT today, and the growing power demands
of the digital age are stimulating an enhanced interest in something called the green data center.
A green data centre makes it possible to reap the ROI of a slashed energy bill and the rewards of a healthier,
more comfortable work environment. Here are a few tips to go green and make this kind of a work
environment a reality

Assess your energy efficiency.
The key aspect to achieving a Green DataCenter is power management. It is necessary to understand and
learn where your energy comes from and how it is being distributed in the company. This makes it easier to
supervise and trim down energy wastage.

Revamp your cooling system.

Focus your cooling directly onto the racks and ensure to reduce airflow loss by sealing off holes in r walls,
floors and ceilings, with appropriate air ducts.

Reassess your redundancy.

Many companies invest in redundant cooling and heating systems that use double the amount of power they
usually need, which inflates your energy bills. Slash redundancy wherever possible and operate based on
your current needs.

Use adaptable equipment.

By implementing scalable and modular systems it is possible to plan for growth and times of peak power
needs. With scalable blade servers it is possible to concentrate more computing power in a smaller space.
Scalable systems operate at minimum power requirements and allow the capacity to grow into higher power
consumption whenever needed.

Virtualize your storage.

As most servers are loaded with archaic information, they are under used. Storage virtualization makes
applications mobile and shuts down unnecessary servers. As the virtualization device is aware of the server
space, applications can be remapped to different physical locations to attain most favorable efficiency.
Gartner predicts that datacenter virtualization has the potential to play a much larger role in the quest
towards Green Information Technology (IT).

Look for alternative power sources

The best way to stay clean is to find alternative energy that works for you. Other options include wind
energy, heat pumps, and evaporative cooling can lower your cost and significantly reduce your company's
environmental footprint.

To fully embrace changes in the datacenter, you need to get the buy-in from your upper management. An
efficient datacenter is not just good for your business but it is also an environmentally and socially
responsible way to manage your operations. A business case that takes the long-term view will help to create
a convincing ROI.

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